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what desserts can I make with these?

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Holymoly321 Wed 15-Jul-09 14:26:29

I've got strawberries, raspberries, double cream, sugar. I've got meringues too but just wondered if there were any other desserts I could make for a dinner party other than eton mess

clutteredup Wed 15-Jul-09 14:35:58

If you put it together carefully you can make pavlova - cream on merigue and fruit on top- it is my theory that eton mess was invented by someone who dropped their pavlova -grin
I have used above ingredients to make ice cream - mix all together whip up and freeze, breaking up the crystals every 2 hours with a fork - takes overnight to freeze properly and needs taking out of the freezer a while before to soften - you could serve it in the meringues with a raspberry on top - or throw in the scrunhed up meringues and serve pavlova ice cream.
Sorry to be vague about times and quantities i tend to make these things up as i go along - tried and tasted but not much a clue of how I did it I'm afraid hmm

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