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cake questions again sorry

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mothersmilk Wed 08-Jul-09 15:24:24

is it ok to begin making a wedding cake today ready for saturday? have a look at my itinary and tell me what you think

12" base cake made tonight 10" middle tear aswell if i get time

tommorowe fill 12" and 10" and ice them bake 8"

friday fill 10" ice it and and stack add decorations already for saturday

paranoidmother Wed 08-Jul-09 17:48:26

If it is a fruit cake it normally is better the sooner you make it. If it is a sponge cake I would imagine it'll be ok. Just keep in an air tight container.

BirdyArms Wed 08-Jul-09 20:12:27

Yes, it will be absolutely fine. Once they are iced it's like them being in a super - airtight container. The only concern is any creamy type icing going off but buttercream will be fine from tomorrow to Saturday.

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