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So, I have two aubgergines... inspire me...!

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Lulumama Wed 08-Jul-09 12:57:24

ta x

StirlingTheStrong Wed 08-Jul-09 13:27:54

I keep meaning to make this but haven't got around to it yet - it looks so tasty!

Or maybe this one looks nicer?

chevre Wed 08-Jul-09 13:29:47

shove them down your blouse and frighten the window cleaner

chevre Wed 08-Jul-09 13:30:13

or make baba ganoush

ilovemydogandmrobama Wed 08-Jul-09 13:31:08


(am making this right now!)

chevre Wed 08-Jul-09 13:32:13

oh i love a bit of baba

NorbertDentressangle Wed 08-Jul-09 13:32:43

One of my favourite meals we have at home is similar to Stirling's links but with feta cheese in between the layers of aubergine and tomato sauce (but make your own sauce its much nicer, don't use a jar of passata)

Lulumama Wed 08-Jul-09 13:35:10

brill idea striling, for the layered dish..

chevre.i don't have a window cleaner, otherwise, yes , great !!

baba ganoush?? what??

Lulumama Wed 08-Jul-09 13:35:31

feta cheese.. that woul dbe tasty

NorbertDentressangle Wed 08-Jul-09 13:37:08

It is very, very tasty.....serve with some green salad and maybe some ciabatta or olive bread to mop up the sauce <<slob alert>> wink

chevre Wed 08-Jul-09 13:38:22

baba - roast aubergines till soft and skin comes away.
dry roast some cumin and grind,
lemon juice

whizz up together while aub. is still warm and eat with pitta bread

FlossieT Wed 08-Jul-09 14:14:20

I love aubergines. This is a nice sloppy, picnicky sort of one.

You need:

- your 2 aubergines (or more)
- coriander pesto
- 2-3 limes
- Tabasco sauce
- halloumi cheese (about 1.5 packs)

Slice aubergines about 1cm thick. Brush with olive oil & bake in hot oven (200C) until browning, about 15-20 mins - turn halfway through cooking.

Squeeze limes. Sprinkle aubergine slices with lime juice & Tabasco to taste - keep a bit of the lime juice back to finish with.

Slice halloumi slightly thinner if poss (0.75cm-ish). Layer up aubergine and halloumi, spreading a generous layer of coriander pesto in between each layer.

Cover with foil and bake for about 10 minutes. Slop into pitta bread with tomato and cucumber salad, and a bit of the lime juice.

Hungry now....

EffieGadsby Wed 08-Jul-09 14:38:09

I make a version of Stirling's dish (the second one, with the Parmesan) all the time - it's probably one of my favourite meals. It may well be on the menu tonight, as I have all that in the house! I don't put an egg on top of mine though; just masses of grated Parmesan.

Lulumama Wed 08-Jul-09 17:41:48

loving those recipes....

thank you all

am going to cook something with them tomorrow

yummy ideas

i love halloumi too

sarah293 Wed 08-Jul-09 17:46:17

Message withdrawn

Lulumama Wed 08-Jul-09 17:50:22

sounds yummy, although i am the only one who likes cinnamon and DS has a nut allergy grin but i would make that for myself, it sounds delish

sarah293 Wed 08-Jul-09 18:38:20

Message withdrawn

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