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Mum texted to say was at Gretna Green and just got married!! Need help to make a cake!

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Trixel Tue 07-Jul-09 21:14:57

Isn't that the wrong way round??? Shouldn't I have done something like that? Ah well, good on her - but now I need to make a cake for the party they're having this Sunday (volunteered myself, I hasten to add...)
So.... I'm going to make a Delia fruit cake, and was probably going to buy some ready to roll icing, sticking it on with an apricot jam syrup.
But then (over ambitious??) thought I might make either a chocolate cake or a carrot cake as second layer. But if I do that, I can't ice that with the same icing can I? Or can I?? Or is there a different all-purpose icing I should use? And will it just sit on top of the first layer without me dong anything with pillars and other complicated things? I've googled to within an inch of my life and people seem to get all complicated about supports and pillars and that mallarkey - I just don't have the time to learn a whole new skill this week (2 kids, own business, usual rushed off feet thing we all have!)
Can anybody help?

PandaG Tue 07-Jul-09 21:22:32

if you wantt o do 2 layers, can you hire a 2 tier stand, so you won't need any dowels or pillars?

usually available from cake decorating shops - you could probably buy something to go on top of the cake too.

I'd add a layer of marzipan under the ready roll icing for the fruit cake, unless you can't do nuts - in which case a thicker layer of ready roll

Trixel Tue 07-Jul-09 21:51:51

thanks pandag - can do nuts, but not that keen on marzipan, DH hates it actually, so was going to steer clear. will make sure the icing's thicker then.
yes, could do stand couldnt i. thanks for reply!

farfalle Tue 07-Jul-09 21:55:52

If your not keen on marzipan, how about a layer of buttercream and then the ready roll?Agree with the stand thing - try ebay?
As for ready roll on another flavour, it'll work fine if you put a thick layer of buttercream to hold it. Hope this helps.

oranges Tue 07-Jul-09 22:00:17

if you can get a stand likthis you can just make two cakes and not worry about pillars and balancing them.

Trixel Tue 07-Jul-09 22:15:14

ahh buttercream, that's a good idea. so presumably wouldnt do the apricot jam thing then? and you reckon that ready roll would be nice with chocolate cake as well?
i'll go down to our local fancy cake shop tomorrow and see about stands. not sure that i'd get anything in time from ebay - but i'll go and look now.

PandaG Tue 07-Jul-09 22:21:52

I wouldn't do ready roll on choc cake - I'd do it as completely different with a choc buttercream or choc ganache. (would be ok though if you wanted it to be unifom)

I've never tried buttercream under ready roll on a fruit cake, not sure if the flavours would go very well?

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