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Will chicken thighs be OK to cook tonight, when they've been out of the freezer for 5 days?

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onthepier Tue 07-Jul-09 16:47:26

Just wondered if anybody could help. Have just put away a big food shop, and found a box of 4 chicken thighs I'd forgotten about. I remember defrosting them last Thursday but they didn't get used as we ended up eating out.

Do you think they'd be OK today to put in a cassserole, or am I risking it with chicken? I suppose I just hate waste!!

throckenholt Tue 07-Jul-09 16:49:32

if they smell ok then they should be ok - make sure you cook them well.

tonysoprano Tue 07-Jul-09 16:50:46

definitely not okay you will get food poisoning. defrosted things need to be eaten within 24 hours. You should be able to smell it's off! off chicken makes me hurl just by smelling it!!

moondog Tue 07-Jul-09 16:50:56

God, cook them.They'll be fine.

bigchris Tue 07-Jul-09 16:50:56

if there green and furry I wouldn't bother!

louii Tue 07-Jul-09 16:53:19

Definately not, Bin them.

Ripeberry Tue 07-Jul-09 16:56:15

They don't have to smell to be off! Anything that was frozen MUST be used within 24hrs.

etchasketch Tue 07-Jul-09 16:56:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkmagic1 Tue 07-Jul-09 16:57:08

Definitely not!

stripes200 Tue 07-Jul-09 16:59:04

Eek, 5 days is a while ago.

I hate waste too and would usually push the 24 out the freezer rule to 48 hours or poss longer depending on what it was but I think 5 days for chicken might be pushing it a bit.

ComeOVeneer Tue 07-Jul-09 16:59:24

I wouldn't chance it. As other have said it is recommended they are cooked 24hrs after defrosting. I would risk 48hrs but not 5 days!

MadameDefarge Tue 07-Jul-09 17:02:11

Absolutely not.

SusieDerkins Tue 07-Jul-09 17:03:35

Dh would say yes (iron constitution) and I would say no!

EffieGadsby Tue 07-Jul-09 17:05:53

There is no way on earth I would eat those. Sniff them - they probably stick after 5 days.

bellavita Tue 07-Jul-09 17:11:33


ilovesprouts Tue 07-Jul-09 17:15:52

*no way bin them*

bubblagirl Tue 07-Jul-09 17:20:20

chuck them in the garden some animal will eat them tonight and they have not been wasted lol

i wouldn't chance it not 5 days from defrosting

mrsdisorganised Tue 07-Jul-09 17:21:43


Sheeta Tue 07-Jul-09 17:22:54

definitely not. Unless they are still withing their use-by date.

TheDullWitch Tue 07-Jul-09 17:23:13

Five days is a lot. Respect for considering it though!

onthepier Wed 08-Jul-09 10:23:27

Thank you, I binned them after your responses. Had chicken kieves for dinner instead, bought yesterday!

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