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Hit me with your quick tomato sauce recipes

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PatTheHammer Mon 06-Jul-09 16:53:18

Help! Anyone got a really easy recipe for a quick tomato sauce for pasta? Have most normal stock-cupboard ingredients but all out of fresh herbs sadly. Must be able to make whilst holding 6 mo and amusing 3yr old grin

Jacksmama Mon 06-Jul-09 17:01:37

1 onion, minced

1-2 cloves garlic, minced (alternatively, garlic powder or ready-minced garlic in oil)

1 large can diced or whole tomates, or 8-10 fresh ones, roughly chopped

1 small can tomato paste, OR 1/2 cup ketchup and 1 tbsp brown sugar

splash balsamic vinegar

dried herbs: rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, salt, pepper

optional: minced beef or rough chopped sausage

any veg you have lying about: green, orange, red or yellow bell pepper are good, fresh spinach, or carrots, or celery, or all of the above

Saute the onion, garlic and vegetables/ beef, sausage if using (not the spinach though, if using it, add at the end)

Add tomatoes/ tomato paste/ ketchup and brown sugar.

Bring to a boil, add dried herbs and salt and pepper, and splash of balsamic vinegar, and then simmer for 10-15 min.

Taste, add a little bit of brown sugar if it's too acidic, toss in spinach, stir until it wilts.

If your toddler won't eat spag sauce with bits in it, you can take out a portion and puree it.

muffle Mon 06-Jul-09 17:02:37


(sorry couldn't resist)

PatTheHammer Mon 06-Jul-09 17:04:20

Thanks Jacksmama! I'm on it!
In my defence have just returned earlier from my 1st day back at work after 7months maternity leave. Disorganised to say the least!

Will do with sausage, carrots, pepper!

muffle Mon 06-Jul-09 17:04:54

I just gently fry onions and some garlic puree (from a tube) with some dried oregano or basil - lid on to keep it soft

Chuck in tin of chopped tomatoes and some tomato puree

Add salt and pepper, glug of red wine, teaspoon of brown sugar, splash of worcester sauce.

Simmer on low heat for as long as you can - 10 mins will do if you're short of time, but 30-40 is better.

diedandgonetodevon Mon 06-Jul-09 17:06:14

If you want really simple but surprisingly tasty:

1 can of chopped tomatos
1 onion
1/2tsp of sugar

Dice and soften onion in a little oil. Add tomatos and sugar and cook on a low heat for about 20 mins.

(also very good as sauce for pizza topping)

PatTheHammer Mon 06-Jul-09 17:12:56

LoL muffle, Asked for that! will leave out the red wine methinks smile

muffle Mon 06-Jul-09 17:25:51

Yes will be fine without - but it makes it taste nicer and there won't be any alcohol left once it's simmered a bit.

Jacksmama Mon 06-Jul-09 17:39:04

Was going to say that, too - add some red wine after sauteeing sausage, onion and pepper, and let it simmer. Then, when you add the tomatoes and bring it to a boil, all the alcohol boils off and only the taste remains.

titferbrains Mon 06-Jul-09 18:09:24

I used to work in a restaurant and used the following over roasted veg with penne as a veggie option:

throw all yr tomato sauce ingredients in food processor - onion, tinned toms, any herbs (except bay leaf which is pretty indigestible) celery and/or garlic if you have, splash of wine or splash apple juice if for kids, dash of sugar, seasoning, splash olive oil or knob of butter (butter adds a lovely richness and smoother flavour). Tip whizzed mix into pan, simmer gently for 30-45 min till you have nice consistency and rich flavour. DONE.

So easy and very tasty, tho I don't make my tom sauce like that very often these days.

Horton Mon 06-Jul-09 19:05:32

I always fry a bit of finely chopped celery and carrot with the onions. I think it makes a huge difference to the flavour.

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