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Advice nneded for friend at her wits end with hardly eating six year old DS

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treacletart Tue 17-May-05 13:05:26

My friend is very depressed about her DS who seems to be eating less and less. A passionate healthy eater herself, her DS has a repertoire of just 4 meals - fish finger and potato waffle, cheese and tomato pizza, pasta with tomato sauce - but he will leave all the tomato pieces and marmite on toast. He also refuses anything thats touched any other substance on his plate. He only drinks red grape juice - no other juice and no other fruit, no veg, no meat, no cheese, no beans - her younger ds (3) who is not as difficult, is now picking up on his brothers foibles and refusing bananas and beans - which had been staples for him.

I think this has been going on for over a year now. I think once he ate nothing at all for over 3 days. She's been good at trying not to make an issue of it, they've tried bribery, sticker charts, hidden veg, getting him involved in the cooking, and just ignoring him. But she tells me its now really affecting her relationship with him and she finds it very hard not to get angry with him.

On the plus side - neither child seems malnourished and both are bright, active genuinely delightful boys in every other way. I know I survived for about 6 months on Findus crispy pancakes, potatoes and a daily Haliborange when I was little and love all food now. But knowing its probably a phase is little comfort to her right now.

Can you offer her any advice?

Lonelymum Tue 17-May-05 13:08:12

Only to say that it doesn't sound the most unhealthy diet I have ever come across and with regard to the tomato pieces in the pasta sauce, my fussy eaters would pick them out too so now I always puree the sauce that goes on their plates. They still don't voluntarily scrape the sauce off the plate, but I make them do it. (One of my fussy eaters is 7 BTW).

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