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Mini pork pies, been in my bag since last night. Ok to eat? I am pregnant.

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princessmel Mon 06-Jul-09 11:08:59

I bought them (from Waitrose, if it matters) to take to the Take That concert! I took cartons too, for energy!

Anyway, I didn't eat them and want to know if I could eat them at lunch.

They are still in my bag on the stairs.

I am 24 weeks pregnant.

MamaG Mon 06-Jul-09 11:10:26

Don't do it.

Cies Mon 06-Jul-09 11:12:18

I wouldn't risk it being pregnant.

I probably would if I wasn't.

princessmel Mon 06-Jul-09 11:14:06


I really fancied them too!

I'm sure I would if I wasn't pregnant aswell.

scattercushion Mon 06-Jul-09 11:14:29

ooh now I fancy a mini pork pie.
But not one that's been to a Take That concert.

Boyzone on the other hand wink

I wouldn't do it too but is prob OK.

princessmel Mon 06-Jul-09 11:16:51

I don't think they would have been hot.

I bought them at 4.30pm.

Then they sat in my bag on the floor by my seat.

Then they have been in my house.

<< trying not to think about the pork pies too much>>

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