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inga Tue 06-May-03 19:39:10

Does anyone have any suggestions about fishfingers-quality, fish content %, etc. My ds is 14 months old and loves fish-it would be nice to be able to give him something easy at tea times instead of always cooking fresh fish.

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 19:48:41

The Birds Eye ones seem to be 100% cod. DS Loves them!!
Tesco's own brand for Kids is good too and delicious.... believe me

SoupDragon Tue 06-May-03 19:53:20

Another vote for Tescos cod fillet ones. Erm, from DSs you understand, not me.

Slinky Tue 06-May-03 20:01:07

My lot like the Birds Eye 100% cod fish fingers. Also Marks and Spencers do Cod fishcakes which are also a hit in this house. (I think they do Haddock and Salmon as well but not tried those).

Claireandrich Tue 06-May-03 20:01:13

We have another vote for the Bird's Eye ones here. Noone going to admit to enjoying the odd fishfinger sandwich then?

inga Tue 06-May-03 20:14:01

Thanks all. Calireandrich, you've brought home school holiday lunch memories for me! Maybe a good time to take a trip down memory lane......

Mum2Toby Tue 06-May-03 20:14:43

Claireandrich (phew...that's a difficult one to type!) - I hadn't thought of that... YUMMMMMMMEEEEE! For ds obviously

doormat Tue 06-May-03 20:15:03

I love fish finger butties (showing me scouse now)agree with the tesco and birds eye yummy

JulieF Tue 06-May-03 20:15:10

You need to look for ones that are 100% cod fillet such as Birdseye (although they do minced fish ones too so watch out). Also watch out for any artificial flavours/colours and even some natural ones such as annato which some children can be allergic to.

SueW Tue 06-May-03 22:28:27

Or have a look which ones Jamie Oliver recommends in his book for his fish finger sarnie.

ThomCat Wed 07-May-03 12:58:01

How about thre BlueParrot fish fingers. Blue Parrot is a range stocked in Sainsburys that is especially for kids, so the salt content etcetc is all controlled. They also do fish nuggets in the range too and they are really nice quality.
I also use use fish cakes, haddock ones and salmon ones.
Also bunging a bit of salmon fillet in some tin foil with lemon etc takes minutes.
Inga - have you tried your son on tins of makeral / sardines / etc as well? My DD loves them either in a sarnie or mixed with some mashed potato. If you want to be really quick HIPP do potato flakes with rosemary that you mix with milk, and I add some butter & black pepper too.

KeepingMum Wed 07-May-03 13:20:05

Fishfingers are big hit in our house, and ds loves them too. Try tortilla wraps with some green leaves, salsa, red onion, avocado, yoghurt and cheese and fishfingers - favourite with us. Ds is very fussy so just likes fishfingers on their own but I'm sure normal kids would like wraps.

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