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Icing Cupcakes, Tips needed please

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Kayzr Sat 04-Jul-09 08:39:19

I am making some cupcakes for DS2's christening. I would like the icing to resemble these but in a light blue.

I can make buttercream icing and colour it but it is the piping I am worried about. So any tips to making it easier would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Xavielli Sat 04-Jul-09 10:18:50

Get a really big star tube. Start at the very outer edge of the cupcake, hold the piping bag upright and move round in a swirl. Press in and pull up to finish.

I would recomment spreading a little buttercream over the cupcake before piping the swirl as a sort of crumb coat so that its nicely sealed and they won't go stale.

Kayzr Sat 04-Jul-09 13:07:16


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