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another wedding cake question please urgent advice?

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mothersmilk Thu 02-Jul-09 14:48:23

have just done a dry run of the 10" layer it supposed tp fill a 5" deep tin and has only just filled my 3"deep tin can i just double the quantities for the 5" ones i will be making the actual cakes in? its maderia by the way

MadameCastafiore Thu 02-Jul-09 14:50:01

No - divide by 3 and times by 5 just in case is too huge!

mothersmilk Thu 02-Jul-09 14:50:55

blush that sounds really complicated

ComeOVeneer Thu 02-Jul-09 14:52:10

Filled once cooked are raw? Be careful making it too deep as the outsidewill be overdone by the time the centre is cooked. Better to make 2 and stack them.

mothersmilk Thu 02-Jul-09 14:53:40

thats what i was thinking so just cook the amounts iv got in the 5" tins but do two cakes instead?

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