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Anyone want to share tips/compare notes on their Riverford Veg Box contents?

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alittleteapot Wed 01-Jul-09 18:15:55

We love ours (get the small one weekly) but been struggling with the excess of spring onions lately (we love them in salads but aren't getting through them) and also a bit stuck on the pak choi front. Any tips?

I made the broad bean and courgette soup from the Riverford cookbook which was delicious and highly recommended.

The potatoes and carrots are always great. We loved getting the fresh garlic, leaves and basil. It's always a treat getting the box each week, with just the odd sticking point.

Be interesting to hear what others do with their veg this week. Our new box arrives tomorrow...

littlelamb Wed 01-Jul-09 18:20:36

I love Riverford. Such a nice company, I had to do a report on them when we were touting for some of their business wink With the choi, I'd make a yummy japanese soup or stir fry, which would also use up some of the onions. Just stir fry some chicken with the choi, spring onions, onion, red pepper and beansprouts, and make a soup from chicken stock, coconut milk and green thai curry paste and anything else to taste (I've used lemongrass, lime and ginger). Bung it all together and serve over a bowl of noodles. A big pot will last for ages and it's one of the only meals dd will always ask for seconds of

alittleteapot Wed 01-Jul-09 22:07:23

Thanks. yes I've sort of been thinking stir fry of some sort but it's off my recipe radar a bit so the pak choi just sits in the fridge... and yes, I love Riverford too. Much prefer to Abel and Cole who we tried a few years ago. I love the way they include a recipe in their leaflet each week. And I love the way their boxes fold up.

blueballoons Wed 01-Jul-09 22:17:55

Any excess green things (whether spring onions or bok choi or cabbage) get steamed and added to either an omlette/fritatta, risotto, or to pasta with white sauce.

I am stumped by the kohrabi though, and it's piling up...

puffylovett Wed 01-Jul-09 22:20:33

Hmm agree on the Kohlrabi, it's driving me potty. I would add the spring onions to stir fries or omelettes, or make a potato salad with them chopped in.

Love the veg - our supplier used to be Stockley farm till they sold out to Riverford and while they were always good, they've been even better since.

alittleteapot Wed 01-Jul-09 22:23:43

Oh god - I'd forgotten about he Kohlrabi <goes off to excavate veg drawer of fridge...>

iwantitnow Thu 02-Jul-09 06:15:49

kohlrai is foul - tried a few recipes still cant get it to taste nice

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