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Inspire me - thin cut beef steaks.......what "summery" meal can I do with them??

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FAQinglovely Wed 01-Jul-09 09:10:32

We had tortilla wraps with the pork last night - so don't really want to do those again.

What on earth can I do with 400g of thin cut beef steaks that's interesting, QUICK, and easy to sort?

I don't think there'll be enough to give a steak to each of us - so it'll have to be "mixed" with something else......

AMumInScotland Wed 01-Jul-09 09:31:01

I was going to say wraps, or pitta bread...

How about stir-fry with some veg and serve with pasta?

claireybee Wed 01-Jul-09 09:39:20

hot beef salad?

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