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dabihp Mon 16-May-05 08:27:14

Anyone else notice how ridiculously expensive they have got in the last couple of weeks?

So much for them being a 'cheaper' shop...

rumplestiltskin Mon 16-May-05 11:03:23

can't stand this shop. our local branch is filthy. they never have anything i want, are often out of the basics like fresh bread and fruit or it's so manky it's only good for compost. usually walk the extra mile up to sainsbury's even if it's just for one or two things. they must have a hopeless manager as tescos have planning permission nearby, you think they'd get their act together.

sorry rant over

littlemissbossy Mon 16-May-05 11:05:10

my nearest store is good TBH, very clean, always have what you want etc. but must admit I've noticed it's got more expensive

Gwenick Mon 16-May-05 11:10:16

hadn't noticed either problem. They ALWAYS have the fruit and veg that I need (whereas Tesco and sainsbury often don't) and it's always fresh too....

very clean, and always better stocked than any other supermarket round here - lovely pies too .

Hadn't noticed the prices go up either.....

Prettybird Mon 16-May-05 11:23:42

Can't stand them - have boycotted our local Safeway since it had its makeover as a Morrisons.

They've cut back the range so that I can no longer get everything that I want. I'd already started doing some shopping at Lidl (just over the road form the now Morrisons), so I now go there weekly and go to Sainsbury's (an extra 3 miles away) once a fortnight to get the wider range/branded stuff that Lidl doesn't stock.

Morrisons takeover over of Safeway has been their loss and my gain - my shopping is now half of waht it used to be, partly because of Lidl and partly becasue I now need to be more organised.

Tinker Mon 16-May-05 11:30:46

Mine's fine. But is a proper Morrisons as opposed to a previous Safeways. Much, much better value than overpriced Tesco and Sainsburys which make me so when I go in - buy hardly anything (only go in when using Sains car park) and bill is always about £25 to £30 - for nothing!

But use Lidl as well.

soapbox Mon 16-May-05 11:44:16

Our local safeways was changed into a Morrisons after the takeover, and it is now a pit of a place.

The shelves seem full of crap stuff I would never dream of buying, the lovely cafe is now full of sausage rolls and other such delights.

The checkouts are unmanned so queues are unbelivably long.

And I don't actually think the prices are that good anyway. Perhaps if you buy a lot of processed foods they are but for raw materials they are not!

I now go to Tescos or Sainsburies instead. Although I am trying to wean myself off supermarkets altogether!

strugstu Mon 16-May-05 11:48:39

as a matter of interest soapbox, how will u do that? will u shop at greengrocers, fishmongers etc?

Prettybird Mon 16-May-05 11:52:41

I know in Scotland they initially misjudged the different range required - like not stocking enough Irn Bru .

Don't know if they've sorted it now, as I only go there in emergencies now

sweetmonkey Mon 16-May-05 11:54:18

i find morrisons really good where i live. so much cheaper than sainsburys and i also get all my veg from there which is also considerably cheaper.
when i used to buy potatoes from sainsburys i would always every time end up binning half of the bag as they would be black inside and manky.
i have never had any trouble with stuff from morrisons.

soapbox Mon 16-May-05 11:55:11

Stu - I use a box scheme for fruit and veg and now get my meat and fish delivered from there too. I have to freeze some of the meat as it doesn't last a whole week. However I ahve started having a big cook up on the night the meat arrives and freezing the meals so they are ready to eat straight from the freezer. I also get milk/yoghurts etc delivered from here.

I bulk buy cleaning products/tinnned foods etc from Costco - go about once a month and do a big stock up.

I'm trying to grow herbs/salad stuff in the garden this year which will help too!

The only things I really buy from the supermarket now are croissants/bread/biscuits/fruit juice etc. So what I really need to find now is a good bakers!

I have always baked a lot with the children and have a breadmaker - so I think I just need to get busy with that a bit more! However working more or less full time plus all the other jobs that need doing means time is very precious and what little of it I have I want to spend doing stuff with the children!

jessicasmummy Mon 16-May-05 11:55:47

im a tescos or sainsburys girl - where we used to live we only had a safeway/morrisons and i hated it - was deriously over-priced. then i found the wonder of tesco home shopping on line and what cost me £80 for tescos would have been £120 in safeways!

Tinker Mon 16-May-05 12:04:41

Blimey, Safeways was always horrid but have Morrisons got a different pricing policy for South of England ie sticking with Safeways prices? I can get so much more for my money in Morrisons than Sains/Tesco (and not processed crap!)

gingerbear Mon 16-May-05 12:08:20

Well, Morrisons are good here in Yorkshire.

bonniej Mon 16-May-05 12:09:43

Love Morrisons, find it good value and always clean and well stocked. Can always get everything I need!!

Prettybird Mon 16-May-05 12:25:19

First thing Morrision did when they took over Safeway was stop stocking loose Earl Grey tea. Sounds petty, but that was one of my "staples" 9that and loos Darjeeling tea, which I then mix).

Then they changed curry suppliers, so the take out meal for tea was more sauce than meat, plus they took out the onion bhajis but still chraged the same (we have one 2take-out type meal a week)

Then they stopped stocking pancetta.

Lots of wee "luxury" items that they progressively cut back on.

Then they cut back on the wine range (although I have to admit, dh has been going in to buy the "bin ends" of the quality ranges that they are stoppoing stocking).

I have them the benefit of the doubt - until they re-vamped the store and then after a couple more attempts gave up. And this is one of the "Superstores", so it should have a decent range.

I know the Scottish papers have talked about the disappointment that Scottish shoppers have felt at losing the Safeway compromise (as compared to the other supermarkets) of value versus range/quality. That and not having Irn Bro on the shelves! They have apparently been voting with their feet (as I have).

hotmama Mon 16-May-05 12:36:04

I live in area which has an 'original' Morrisons and a converted Safeway - and they both are crap. I generally shop at Sainsbury's but have started swapping my allegiance to Tesco.

I try to buy organic stuff and Morrisons don't seem to have any when I have been. I have fruit and veg delivered from a local organic farm - and doesn't work out any more costly and the stuff is fab. Like other mumsnetters I would like to move away from using Supermarkets as I don't agree with the price fixing policies and shafting small producers.

purpleturtle Mon 16-May-05 12:39:31

i HATE Morrisons, and the best bit of the Safeway takeover was that there's already a Morrisons near here, so our Safeway is now a wonderful Tesco

bonniej Mon 16-May-05 12:44:51

I hate TESCO!! I always find them expensive, the store difficult to get round and whenever I buy fruit and veg it tends to spoil the next day! I have actually had veg delivered which was already going bad. I had a few very bad experiences with their home delivery service as well. Then again I am quite a basic shopper. I don't really look for any unusual or luxury type items so maybe that's why I'm happy with Morrisons. I do agree Tesco have a much larger range.

alibubbles Mon 16-May-05 13:13:27

I used to use safeway occasionally and found the butcher really helpful and would cut anything fresh and would mince me rump on demand, withoaut batting an eyelid - try asking Sainsbury to do that!

Now it is a Morrisons it is horrible, all prepacked, everything shrink wrapped, all fruit and veg in prepacks, no loose stuff to choose from.

The range has gone very down market and it has a pie and mash shop instead of the Pizza counter, Yuk!

Queues no matter what time of day and full of pensioners who can't drive to save their lives and block all the M&B spaces

suedonim Mon 16-May-05 14:24:50

Our one and only supermarket was a Presto's when we moved here, then had a revamp and became Safeway, neither of which were great. After the Morrison's takeover it became one of their 'convenience' stores, under which name they charged up to 40% more than in their larger stores. Now it's been taken over by Somerfield it's even worse, the quality of goods is dreadful and the shop is full of cheapo junk foods they've bulk-bought. I never go there now, I travel 20miles to Sainsbury's or Tesco. It was so awful in Asda last week I swore I'll never go there again, either!

Tinker Mon 16-May-05 14:29:14

Just back from Morrisons with...pancetta and organic/fair trade (don't have to um and ah about which to get) bananas

Prettybird Mon 16-May-05 15:14:10

... lucky you!

You must have a better class of Morrisons! They didn't know what I was talking about whenI complained!

it was a Superstore in mixed area - ie half posh and half "poor" flats. Maybe they've just misunderstood the Scottish deomgraphics and put too much emphasis on the "poor" half! That and not stocking enough Irn Bru!

dabihp Mon 16-May-05 20:51:37

AN example is Morrisons lean mince, big pckt, used to be £1.19, is now £1.79! how ridiculous!
and it cost me £0.56p for 3 bananas!!!

It really p~sses me off the way they increase things... and expect u not to notice...

sweetkitty Tue 17-May-05 19:43:17

Our Safeway has just has it's Morrisons revamp and I'm not that impressed, several of our staples have gone. I think their own label range is very disappointing and they seem to take out brand names and restock with their own labels.

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