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Yummy, quite simple BBQ ideas

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alicecrail Mon 29-Jun-09 15:22:28

I am looking for some inspiration for yummy, quite simple and not too expensive BBQ food.

Any ideas?

alicecrail Mon 29-Jun-09 15:22:54

Oh, and desserts too smile

SomeGuy Tue 30-Jun-09 01:19:24

bbqed courgettes, sliced lengthways into three, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Sweetcorn, once it's in season.

aarghhelp Tue 30-Jun-09 08:35:50

I haven't done this myself, but I understand you can cook bananas in foil on the BBQ.

candyfluff Tue 30-Jun-09 19:58:38

belly pork marinated in a type of soy sauce called ketjup manis -its lush
they sell it in tesco and waitrose

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 30-Jun-09 20:00:55

Halloumi - slice and barbecue till it's lightly charred, then dress with a lemon, garlic and coriander dressing

(1 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsps olive oil
1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp powdered English mustard
1 tbsp chopped coriander)

BecauseImWorthIt Tue 30-Jun-09 20:02:52

Prawns marinated in garlic and chilli:

buy raw, shell-on prawns - 4 per skewer - and marinate for about an hour in olive oil, finely chopped garlic (1-2 cloves) and a chopped green chilli and the juice of a lime

Thread onto skewers and barbecue briefly till they turn pink - no more than about 3 minutes as they will go tough

StirlingTheStrong Tue 30-Jun-09 22:01:15

The night before (or a few hours before) chop up some chicken, put into bowl with this mixture (small pot of natural yogurt, a couple spoons of your fav curry paste and squeeze of lemon/lime juice - mix well).

Take chicken out when ready and thread onto skewers and bbq

SomeGuy Wed 01-Jul-09 00:28:44

We did bbqed belly pork today, it's a good thing to do. If you use kecap manis (which is Indonesian for sweet soya sauce), I would probably go for some mashed up ginger and garlic as well, perhaps some Chinese 5 spice powder if you had it.

Ours today was done in a paste of garlic, chilli, salt and lemon grass. Good served with soy sauce (the salty kind) mixed with finely chopped shallots and chillis.

You can buy pork belly strips or a joint - if you get the joint, just remove the string and it will unroll - joints are just tied up strips.

alicecrail Wed 01-Jul-09 08:54:46

Thanks for all suggestions, we have pork marinating at the moment.

I want to do some couscous to go with it, but not sure what to put with it.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 01-Jul-09 13:13:27

{hijack] the belly pork ideas sound gorgeous- pls can you tell me how long you cooked it for Someguy and Alice crail- and was that on the bbq?


SomeGuy Wed 01-Jul-09 23:16:29

We just grilled the pork belly for about 7 minutes each side on the bbq till it was cooked through. Not too long, it's not much thicker than a steak.

Another paste you could use would be ground shallots, garlic, cumin, salt and coriander.

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 02-Jul-09 08:12:29

thanks- will give it a try!

ChopsTheDuck Thu 02-Jul-09 08:22:05

For something completely different we sometimes do spaghetti and seafood on the bbq. I make a tomato sauce with tomatoes, herbs, garlic and chilli, then fry off some seafood (usually prawns, squid and scallops but you can use whatever you want, or even chicken to make it cheaper) The seafood is then left to marinate in the tom sauce for a few hours.

The spaghetti is also pre cooked so it still has bite, so almost slightly uncooked, then rinsed well to get rid of the starch and drizzled with olive oil.

I then make up parcels by laying two sheets of baking parchment across a bowl and putting a heap of spaghetti in each and then pile on the seafood. Bring the sides of the paper up and scrunch up to make a parcel. They are then bbqed when required for 10-15 mins til hot. Serve it up int he parcels, everyone opens their own.

For some reason bbqing them makes it so much nicer, and it's also great for a nice picnic if you have a disposable/portable bbq. We usually grill bread on the bbq to make bruschetta for starters, or you can do garlic bread if you wrap it in foil.

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