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Toad In The Hole- A hit with the kids?

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mrsruffallo Fri 26-Jun-09 17:44:43

Am considering it tonight with 3 of my children's friends aged (6-3). So 5 hungry children- what do you reckon?

SpawnChorus Fri 26-Jun-09 17:46:53

Yes - def hit.

Poledra Fri 26-Jun-09 17:50:25

Yep - my DDs love it.

Lizzylou Fri 26-Jun-09 17:51:38

Yep, my two love it (as do I, it's DH's speciality grin)

MIAonline Fri 26-Jun-09 17:59:20

yes, my DS loves it too.

PersonalClown Fri 26-Jun-09 18:01:43

Can't go wrong.. mine and DP's favourite too!

duckyfuzz Fri 26-Jun-09 18:04:15

oh yes definitely

ChippyMinton Fri 26-Jun-09 18:05:44

I make mini versions in my muffin tin

mrsruffallo Fri 26-Jun-09 18:39:14

Thanks everyone smile

bumsrush Fri 26-Jun-09 20:20:39

Mine love it, I often do mini ones in muffin pans too or huge ones but they are never cooked int he middle.

Auntie bessies ones are nice too, tescos own ones are not.

weegiemum Fri 26-Jun-09 20:22:00

Oh yes - it is always a huge hit here along with gravy and peas!

Baisey Mon 29-Jun-09 17:16:26

ChippyMinton what a great idea!
I hope it went well mrsruffallo.

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