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advice on mergingues needed quick please

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npg1 Fri 26-Jun-09 11:13:15

Hi. Sorry everyone, in a rush and want to make a meringue tonight for pudding, have to leave at 12pm so probably not enough time to cook now! Can I whisk up the egg whites and store in fridge and cook later does anyone know please?!

claricebeansmum Fri 26-Jun-09 11:21:30

No - that wont work.
I think the air will come out of them
Egg whites are tricky things

notamumyetbutoneday Fri 26-Jun-09 11:30:18

def agree with clarice, i cant see it working unfortunately

mistlethrush Fri 26-Jun-09 12:00:58

Does your cooker go really low? If so just turn the oven onto the lowest setting and leave in - my mother often used to 'forget' that she'd left the oven on low until 3am or even the next morning and they come out slightly caramel colour but lovely.

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