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chips from the chippy ok from

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lemonice Sat 14-May-05 16:58:35

what age do you reckon? and olive oil?

charleepeters Sat 14-May-05 17:49:02

my ds munches on the odd one from my portion hes 8 months

lemonice Sat 14-May-05 18:53:45

ah good five months younger (though was his tea as it turned out not the odd one)

compo Sat 14-May-05 18:55:02

do you mean a 3 month old had chips?!!

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 18:55:29

No harm done!

compo Sat 14-May-05 18:55:44

or do you mean charleepeters ds is 5 months younger than yours?!!

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 18:55:46

Oh I thought she meant hers was 13 months.

compo Sat 14-May-05 18:56:20

I think you're probably right Gobbledigook - I'm so confused!!

lemonice Sat 14-May-05 18:56:51

I'm a bad grandma but not that bad

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