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Teabread using mincemeat

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I have quite a few jars of mincemeat left over from Christmas, and while I could leave them until December, I actually need the shelf space!!

I was thinking I could maybe make some sort of fruit teabread but use the mincemeat instead of just currants and sultanas / other dried fruit.

Has anyone done this or have a good recipe? I'm after something thick, sticky and stodgy (in a good way!) rather than light and crumbly, which will keep for a while as it's only me and maybe ds who will eat it.

Any other ideas of what to do with about 6 jars of mincemeat in a only-one-person-eats-this-stuff-household greatly fully appreciated!

word Wed 24-Jun-09 18:11:33

Roll out puff pastry, score a line round the edge to make a border, then fill the middle bit with a layer of mincemeat. Bake till edge puffed up and golden. Delicious and I'm not a big mincemeat fan! Sadly, cream makes it even more so.

Oooh, that does sound nice

Do you think I could just use it as a substitute in anything that normally uses dried fruits?

word Wed 24-Jun-09 20:23:32

Without washing the goo off?! wink Maybe - but you may have to reduce qty of any liquids??? Oh, it's worth a go, you may just find yourself eating your baking with a teaspoon if it all crumbles......

Well, I guess even if it all went badly wrong, at least I'd have gotten rid of a couple of jars of mincemeat
Shall report back tomorrow with results...

word Wed 24-Jun-09 20:39:56

Have you got freezer space so you could make your mince pies (very) early? I won't tell....

word Wed 24-Jun-09 20:43:12

Oh! Just remembered making mincemeat ice-cream years ago. Recipe was similar (if not) this one

(Scroll down)

Sparklytwinkletoes Wed 24-Jun-09 20:46:04

Hmmmm, this recipe for bread pudding only has 2 tablespoons of mincemeat in it - but its sooo blimin' tasty that it probably won't last long:

8 oz of stale bread, crusts removed, 1/2 pint milk, 7oz dried fruit, 3.5 oz soft brown sugar, 1 tsp mixed spice, 2 oz melted butter, 1 beaten egg, 2 tblsp mincemeat, (optional: 1 (10ml) dessert spoon of black treacle.

Soak bred in milk for about 30 mins, then squeeze out excess (put bread in a sieve or colander and place a couple of heavy pots or bowls on top).

Put soaked bread in a large bowl, mash with a fork till it looks like a smooth porridge. Add fruit, brown sugar, mixed spice, butter, egg, mincemeat and treacle. Stir well.

Turn into baking tray and cook on 180C for 1.5 hrs on the top shelf. Cool for 5-10 mins before turning it out. then sprinkle the top with 2 tbsp of caster sugar.

Serve cold, with a cup of tea, like cake, or warm with custard. (Tis great for breakfast blush)

Did not manage to get round to baking Mincemeat Teabread today, but will do it over the weekend and report back. I'd be sneaking the stuff into everything if only dh wasn't so anti-raisins/sultanas/dried fruit in general....mincemeat shepherd's pie, anyone?

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