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What am I missing from DD's birthday picnic?

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Sparkler Wed 24-Jun-09 12:24:06

DD1 is 10 today <sob> (she's growing fast and I'm getting old - lol) smile
She's having her party out on Saturday with her friends but we are getting together with family after school today for a picnic.
So far we have:

cheese sandwiches
ham sandwiches
sausage rolls
cheese cubes
savoury eggs
boiled eggs
devilled eggs
carrott sticks
cucumber sticks
bbq chicken wings
mini quiche (slimming world recipe - for me!)
sausages (slimming world for me! haha!)
iced gems
chocolate roll cakes
fairy cakes
birthday cake
plenty of drink

Actually reading that lot through I think I have more than enough to feed everyone for the week! smile.
Just feels like something is missing hmm

blametheparents Wed 24-Jun-09 12:26:36

Pimms? grin

Seriously, sounds great. Hope they have a ball, what a lovely idea

Sparkler Wed 24-Jun-09 12:30:47

Pimms sounds like fab idea - hmmmm, just need to talk DH into doing the driving!! grin and how will I hide it from my sister-in-laws??!! grin

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