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Inspiration needed for dinner party from hell

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artifarti Wed 24-Jun-09 07:46:51

My lovely friends are coming round on Friday. Now, whilst they are lovely, they are also a PITA to cook for. After years of this, I am running out of ideas. Help!

The food has to be:

Vegetarian (can be fish and thank heavens the seafood hater isn't coming so it can also be prawns etc.)
Gluten-free (one is a coeliac)
Not too spicy (one has IBS)
Easy for me to cook as I have a 10 month old so can't prep much during the day and have to put him to bed at 7.

The vegetarian also prefers dairy-free but will eat cheese 'if it's from happy cows' hmm.

At least none of them are pregnant this time.


shootfromthehip Wed 24-Jun-09 07:48:36

Risotto? Or some kind of soup to start with some homemade wheat free free?

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