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What white wine to serve with salmon that's abit sweeter?

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LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Jun-09 15:51:59

Having friends round for dinner & doing salmon... what would 'go' with it though that's not too dry. I love Astis but obviously can't serve that! I am clueless with wine. Thanks

MadameDefarge Tue 23-Jun-09 15:53:59

If you prefer something a bit sweeter, then Rieslings are good, or a gewurztraminer (sp). Another option would be a viognier...

<<reflects on life guzzling sipping on the wines of the world>>

LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Jun-09 15:58:22



MadameDefarge Tue 23-Jun-09 15:59:26


LadyOfWaffle Tue 23-Jun-09 16:02:40

Riesling! I know where I've heard that now - Only Fools and Horses! [pleb] grinblush

noddyholder Tue 23-Jun-09 16:07:10

White rioja is lovely with fish

MadameDefarge Tue 23-Jun-09 16:07:22

Riesling has been totally rehabilitated since the atrocities of Blue Nun and Black Tower!

but yes, took me a while before I could buy it without blushing.

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