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Ideas for Christening Brunch gratefully received

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soundbites Mon 22-Jun-09 20:38:54

DD's Christening will be over by 10.30am so we've decided to offer brunch afterwards. We've hired the church hall so have the servery (sink, kettle, fridge etc.) but no actual cooking facilities. About 70 people, half kids.

My ideas so far (tell me if they sound impractical):
bagels with salmon & cream cheese
scotch eggs or hard boiled eggs or poppets (those baked eggs in cupcake tins lined with bacon)
croissants and pastries (pain au chocolat, brioche etc.) bought from Sainsburys!
maybe savoury pastry - puff pastry with bacon bits or something
ham, cheese and bread rolls (Continental breakfast)
tortilla? maybe one made in a roasting pan and cut in squares rather than frying pan?
fruit platters / fruit compote (don't know how to to it)
muesli & yoghurt?
pancakes (again, probably bought ones, maybe the little ones?)
chipolata sausages (would have to be cold)
tea, coffee, fruit juice
muffins (sweet & savoury – hoping to make these so any recipes? have a fab bran muffin recipe)
(cheese) scones?
put out a toaster and get people to make their own toast?
+ butter, jam, marmalade

some sort of Christening cake (what goes with a brunch?).

How do you work out quantities?

Thanks in advance


flockwallpaper Tue 23-Jun-09 13:58:59

Sounds really lovely. I picked up a party food catalogue from M&S that had info on the quantities to supply for different party sizes, based on their products. I intended to actually buy the food from M&S, then ended up making my own when I added up the cost of buying from M&S, but I still used their info as a guide as to how much I'd need.

For the cake, how about something fruity like passion cake, or even cupcakes / muffins on a nice tiered stand?

Have a good day.

soundbites Tue 23-Jun-09 21:26:04

Good idea, Flockwallpaper. Thank you. Heading off to M&S then.

For the fruit - and this possibly sounds naff but it isn't - make fruit kebabs. For our church do's we tend to stick some chunks of melon/pineapple/strawberries/grapes on a cocktail stick. Easy to eat and you don't get too sticky.

Cies Wed 24-Jun-09 21:34:19

It all sounds delicious.

I would maybe miss out the toast as you have so much more on offer.

Homemade muffins and scones can be made ahead of time and frozen.

I think any cake would go well. I have to say I favour traditional fruit cake for a Christening, but whatever you like will be lovely.

The sausages would stay warm if you cooked them before the service say at 7am and wrapped them in foil. Sausages always go down a treat IME.

soundbites Thu 25-Jun-09 14:10:45

Fruit kebabs is a great idea - thanks biscuitsmustbedunked. I think you are right about the toast, Cies. And I hadn't thought of freezing muffins. Perhaps I could ask those who have offered to help to do ± dozen each and bring to event. I could give recipes (seen some for cheese & sundried tomato). Fab idea about sausages. Thank you! Fruit cake is my favourite, so glad you think it would go with the rest of the food. Must start to get organised now!

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