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Mutton - help!

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Hotcrossbunny Mon 22-Jun-09 15:08:51

Think I have oopsedsad

Dh took diced mutton out of the freezer Saturday night and put it in the fridge. Sunday morning it hadn't fully defrosted, so I couldn't cook it in the slow cooker as planned. We got back late Sunday night, forgot to put it in the slow cooker asap.

My question is, can I still cook it today? (Monday) It does smell slightly whiffy, but is farmers market mutton, so I don't know if it should smell slightly gamey???

I'm not that enthusiastic, but I know dh will be annoyed if we waste it... Wise MNers, WWYD?

fishie Mon 22-Jun-09 15:15:10

of course you can cook it, it has been in the fridge. what are you going to do with it? curry would be nice.

Kathyis6incheshigh Mon 22-Jun-09 15:16:34

Do you mean it's been in the fridge all this time?
If so I would think almost certainly the gamey smell is because it's mutton, not because it's off. When I've had it it has certainly smelt a lot stronger than lamb would.

fishie Mon 22-Jun-09 15:17:51

you really do know if meat is off. it smells very offensive and you need to get away from it.

like kathy said, mutton is quite strongly flavoured so would smell gamey.

Hotcrossbunny Mon 22-Jun-09 16:16:40

Sorry, computer packed up. Thanks for answerssmile

The mutton smells vinegary really. It was out of the fridge yesterday to defrost properly, then back in fridge from last night til now.

Am guessing should just bite the bullet and cook the wretched stuff!

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