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Ravioli makers - how do you make in advance without it going soggy/sticking to everything....?

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MakemineaGandT Mon 22-Jun-09 13:50:54

I spent ages making a load of spinach and ricotta ravioli - I let it dry for quite a while on a clean tea towel and then put in the fridge on greaseproof paper. When I came to cook it later the pasta was all soggy and stuck to the paper, so when I tried to lift it up the ravioli ripped open - very annoying

Does this mean it is impossible to make in advance? Surely there must be a way?

batgirl Mon 22-Jun-09 14:24:32

If you have left it to dry it should be fine, did you turn it over to dry on both sides?

It does freeze very well if that's a possibility? you can cook it from frozen in very little more time than fresh.

Sorry - not much help really!

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