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Salmon buffet salad ideas needed please!

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Pennies Thu 12-May-05 19:29:18

I've got some friends coming over tomorrow and I bought some salmon fillets that i thought I could make into some kind of kebab-style salad (or similar) but I can't find anything I fancy on the net. Can anyone help please?

Mud Thu 12-May-05 19:31:41

poach the salmon fillets in water with half a lemon and some peppercorns

boil some big shaped pasta

flake the fish when cooled and add to pasta with a tub of full fat natural yogurt, a lot of chives (from the squeezy tube is best - use about half a tube) and season to taste

leave to cool in fridge

can cover with more chunks of salmon (maybe oak smoked salmon chunks?)

it is really delicious and simpel

moondog Thu 12-May-05 19:31:58

How about wrapping them in silver foil with a splash of wine and some cream,then baking? Nice with new potatoes and a salad.

Or cooked then cooled and eaten in the same way.

Pennies Thu 12-May-05 19:35:55

Mmmmm these sound nice. Moondog could I use creme fraiche instead?

moondog Thu 12-May-05 19:38:02

Yes,no problem!

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