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Angel Homemade version?

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KatieMac Thu 12-May-05 18:27:49

My childmindees love Angel Delight but I'm tring to minimise processed foods.....can anyone make a homemade version of Angel Delight (type pudding)
I do lots of baking, but sometimes cakes, puddings and custard aren't what they want...and I go through several tonnes of yoghurt each week

Any suggestions

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 12-May-05 18:28:21

Is it a sort of mousse consistency?

KatieMac Thu 12-May-05 18:31:02

Yep and I have a lovely Choc mousse - however it contains raw eggs and take 3/4 of an hour to make

I need something a bit simpler and quicker (but could allow for setting time)

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 12-May-05 18:31:05

If it is (can't remember, last had it when I was about 10), I'll have a look for a recipe, I'm sure I've seen one in one of my books. Can't post til later though.

KatieMac Thu 12-May-05 18:32:55

Thanks for looking....

My mum does something with evap milk and jelly - but she can't remember what

And would that be any less processed?

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 12-May-05 20:04:40

Had a look KM, but the recipes are over sophisticated IYKWIM, kind of special dinner party stuff - maybe someone else can help.

Dior Thu 12-May-05 20:06:16

Message withdrawn

juniperdewdrop Thu 12-May-05 20:07:36

I bet that's it dior as it really swells up and goes all mousse-like.

tamum Thu 12-May-05 20:08:01

It's nothing to do with Angel Delight, but what about banana cream? Mashed up bananas blended with cream, tiny bit of brown sugar maybe, and a small splash of orange juice. Delicious, and not bad nutritionally

juniperdewdrop Thu 12-May-05 20:20:13

this looks promising

You could always change the flavour of the jelly to suit.

KatieMac Thu 12-May-05 21:07:28

Banana Cream is lovely for a treat but cream is quite expensive plus it's not something I keep in the fridge - just in case......But I will try it thanks

The recipe Juniperdewdrop is just right, but as I asked do you think it is unprocessed enough? Evap is only milk (I think?) but is jelly relatively additive free?

Are there any other recipes out there?

soapbox Thu 12-May-05 21:16:51

You can make jelly whip with evaporated milk and jelly as your mum does!

Put a tin of evaporated milk into a food mixer and beat on high for about 10mins or so, until the mixture goes very light and fluffy. (this takes a while and depends on the speed of your mixer but it should more or less fill the mixing bowl.

In the meantime melt the jelly cubes in the microwave with about 100 mls of water and leave to cool.

Once the evaporated milk is all whipped up keep the motor going and slowly pour the jelly into the mixing bowl. Keep beating for about another 2 mins.

Pour into a large bowl to set. You can decorate with fruit and cream as a posh dessert.

My mum made this a lot when we were children and it always went down very well!

moondog Thu 12-May-05 21:19:25

What's the matter with yoghurt? If necessary,jazz it up with some pureed fruit or a spoonful of jam. You could put some gelatine in too. That's how they make those vile supposedly 'thick 'n creamy luxury' youghurts anyway.

KatieMac Thu 12-May-05 22:15:31

Nothings wrong with yoghurt but 10 times a week it gets a bit boring.....I'm going to try the evap thingie - I have both evap & jelly so I'll give it a go

juniperdewdrop Fri 13-May-05 10:52:01

I bet you can get healthier jelly from a health shop KM

juniperdewdrop Fri 13-May-05 10:53:24

there's one that's gelatine free

NotQuiteCockney Fri 13-May-05 11:01:37

Or you can just buy gelatine, rather than jelly - that way, you choose the flavouring (fruit?) and the amount of sugar.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 13-May-05 11:02:14

I don't know how easy it is to get vegetarian gelatine in this country - our local health food store certainly doesn't stock it.

Lonelymum Fri 13-May-05 11:32:35

KM, this is what I do with evaporated milk and jelly and =my kids love it:

Make up a jelly with a quarter of a pint of boiling water.

Put in a food processor/blender. Add a tin of fruit or you could use fresh fruit. What fruit depends on the flvour jelly of course, but I use tinned peaches and orange jelly. You can use all sorts or combos.

Add a small tin of evaporated milk. Whizz after each addition to ensure it is well mixed and the jelly is fully dissolved.

Leasve to set. They are called Whizz Creams if you want to hide the fruit nature of the dessert from your children!

Lonelymum Fri 13-May-05 11:33:44

Sorry about typos: ds3 was on my lap.

KatieMac Fri 13-May-05 20:42:47

I tried a Strawberry jelly one today - the kids loved it - but I didn't like it.

So it will go on the menu - but I'm still after something else

Thanks everyone - any more suggestions appreciated

NannyL Thu 19-May-05 21:45:00

You can veggy gelatine (veggy gel) in most large supermarkets BTW

KatieMac Sun 22-May-05 00:41:09

So far I haven't found anything fluffy enough.....but it isn't a veggie problem - just want to avoid additives

oatcake Sun 22-May-05 00:44:14

vegetarian gelatin is called agar agar and my mil gets it quite freely - I think holland and barrat might sell it...

sallystrawberry Sun 22-May-05 00:46:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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