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Rice krispie/cornflake cakes

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tab Thu 12-May-05 14:28:23

You know the cakes you might have made when you were little with golden syrup and cocoa powder. Im sure it was a really simple recipe that often used to be on side of cereal packet or on the golden syrup tin. Does anybody know the basic measurements? I thought it would be a fun thing to do with toddler - desperate measures for rainy days!!

kid Thu 12-May-05 14:31:02

I buy the cooking chocolate, melt it in the microwave or over boiling water and mix in the rice crispies until the chocolate has coated them.

pepsi Thu 12-May-05 14:34:25

2oz marg
2 heaped tablespoons golden syrup
4 heaped tablespoons drinking chocolate
12 heaped tablespoons of cornflakes.

Just melt everything together then add cornflakes, yummy but will rot your teeth. I still make them this way.

MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 14:36:19

here's the link for traybakes which has mars bar squares on it hope that helps. Far too yummy!

yoyo Thu 12-May-05 14:36:19

This is delicious (Nigel Slater):

50g butter
4 tablespoons golden syrup
100g plain choc (but I use milk)
75g cornflakes

Gently melt butter, syrup and choc in small, heavy pan. Stir in the cornflakes. Spoon into cake cases and stick in fridge to set.

If you want to add a healthy touch add some raisins.

beatie Thu 12-May-05 15:00:46

The recipe I use is:

1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1 ounce of maragrine
1 tablespoon of icing sugar
7 tablespoons of cereal.

tab Fri 13-May-05 13:50:26

Fantastic, thanks so much. Im really looking forward to having a go now! - almost tempted to make some without ds but will wait till we're stuck indoors one day.
thanks again.

beatie Fri 13-May-05 14:24:59

Perhaps you could make all of the recipes and let us know which one tastes the best so we can all default to using that one

Magscat Fri 13-May-05 14:28:31

I'm with Kid on this one - just melt cooking chocolate (decent brand though) and pour on top of ricekrispies/cornflakes in a bowl. (Make up the quantities as you go along).Add a teaspoon of syrup for extra stickness.

Easy peasy - my son's favourite any day. He loves faffing about with the paper cases and of course licking the bowls!

beatie Fri 13-May-05 14:30:42

Oooh - you should try one of the older fashioned recipes though - they taste quite different despite the extra faff.

crunchie Fri 13-May-05 14:32:02

I use two versions, the cheap one (marg, golden syruo, cocoa powder) which is slightly sticky. Or the posh one (chocolate melted) which goes hard. The choice is yours. My method is one tbsp of marg, one tbsp golden syrup, one tbsp cocoa (level tbsp cocoa, heaped for others) and cereal until coated (son;t really measure)

Picklepie Tue 09-Oct-07 21:58:35

Thanks Pepsi your recipe has just saved me... cake sale tomorrow - oven broken, nothing in but the basics and husband away so can't even sneak out for mars bars to melt! Anyway used your recipe but substituted half the drinking choc for green & black's cocoa and added a lunch box bag of mixed dried fruit and last few white choc drops... 10 mins and some sprinkles later fabulous Alpha mummy-type cakes. Just hope I don't eat them before the end of the evening!

kathpeak Wed 23-Feb-11 13:32:50

Thank you for these recipes. I have a daughter who is allergic to dairy so regular rice crispie buns made with chocolate aren't really an option... dairy free choc is very expensive and not especially tasty for someone who is used to normal chocolate. I remember the golden syrup and cocoa buns from my childhood and they are very yummy. Can't wait to make them for her.

easilydistracted Wed 23-Feb-11 15:06:20

Where I come from we make rice krispie or cornflake squares with marshmallows, no chocolate! (I'm Canadian so that's the north american version)

Now I'm looking forward to trying out the chocolate kind. For anyone who wants to try the marshmallow base, here is an example: rice krispie treats

They are very tasty

Mummy2Bookie Thu 24-Feb-11 14:00:51

White choc krispie cakes are lovely. Marshmallow sounds a bit OTT IMHO

TwoIfBySea Thu 24-Feb-11 14:03:09

My dts decided on this recipe as being best:

same amount of dark and milk chocolate, squeeze of golden syrup, raisins, rice crispies.

I've taken them in to work a few times and keep getting asked to bring them back in.

easilydistracted Fri 25-Feb-11 20:43:57

Actually marshmallow ones aren't that sweet -- takes very little to bind the rice krispies together (and they don't normally include syrup raisins etc etc either ;))

KurriKurri Fri 25-Feb-11 21:00:16

I've made that recipe easilydistracted - they are really nice - I prefer them to the chocolate kind smile

anglodutch Fri 16-Sep-11 11:43:42

Ok, if like me you need to make large quantities of things for school cake stalls etc. none of the recipes I've looked at so far are for large numbers. So I have just made the following with great success.

34 Chocolate cornflake cakes (cupcake sized)

500g packet of cornflakes/special choice/branflakes/ricecrispies etc.
1/2 pat of unsalted butter ie 125g
100g of good dark chocolate 70% + (if you can, as not so sweet).
200g powdered drinking choc (cheaper than good chocolate!).
5-6 heaped tablespoons of golden syrup/treacle (needed to bind/stick cakes together).

Melt broken up choc. butter and powdered choc over a bain-marie (hot water pot), until really smooth and thin (ie no sugar crystals). Meanwhile tip packet of cereal into a mixing bowl and scrunch up with your hands to make into smaller bits. Lay out cupcake cases onto a tray or into metal trays with muffin holes to keep them upright.
Once melted, pour hot mixture over cereal and mix well with a large spoon.

Spoon into paper cases and leave to set. If you have room you can put trays into fridge otherwise leave somewhere on the side and they'll set fine.
These are delicious but very rich and FULL OF SUGAR so don't eat too many!!!

Good luck.

Leo35 Mon 19-Sep-11 18:48:54

I am printing out this thread as I type. I love crispie cakes, and now have a multiplicity of recipes to try out. Many thanks!!

FeathersMcGraw Mon 19-Sep-11 18:56:25

I do a mars bar one <drool>:

3oz of rice krispies
3 full size mars bars
3 oz butter

Melt the butter & mars bars together, stir in the rice krispies, chill, then scoff the lot!!

fab for parties - just multiply the quantities up smile

wish I had mars bars in the house now, haven't made these for ages...

honeybeemummy Sat 27-May-17 20:24:28

Hi! I have just made some of these and they turned out amazingly! We made our own simple recipe, as it was not planned! Here is what we did to make ours turn out lovely!

Ingredients: [ MAKES 15]

115 grams of Rice Krispies cereal
100 grams of chocolate squares


1. First, pour 115 grams of Rice Krispies cereal into a medium-sized bowl,

2. Measure your chocolate cubes and put them into another medium-sized bowl, not the same one used for the cereal!

3. Melt your chocolate in the microwave for about 30 seconds, if still hard once heated then put it in again for another 30 secs!

4. Gradually pour your rice crispies into your melted chocolate bowl, and mix thoroughly until most of the rice Krispies are covered in chocolate!

5. Divide the mixture into cupcake cases, using a spoon

6. Pop your yummy makes into the fridge, and let them cool for at leats half an hour.

7. It's time to enjoy your tasty treats!

newbian Sun 28-May-17 09:50:47

easilydistracted that's my recipe too, I'm from the US. One of the first things North American kids learn to "bake" on their own!

There's also a version where you add peanut butter to the marshmallows...delish grin

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