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19mnth old seems to hate fruit?????

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Carameli Thu 12-May-05 12:33:22

Can anyone help, my dd(19mths) refuses to eat any fruit, apart from banana. She used to love mango but now even that is a 'no, no'
Have tried just about everything I can think of, including humzingers, fruit purees????

Has anyone got any ideas????

cacaboo Thu 12-May-05 13:05:45

Smoothies? It's the only I can get fresh fruit down DS.

Grated apple / mashed pear used to work but no more.

He copied grandma in eating a chunk of melon the other day, it was a cause for great celebration

Is dried fruit (maybe in chopped form) any good?

MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 13:07:55

I agree, smoothies!

Carameli Thu 12-May-05 13:14:34

will have a go at anything, I just think there are so many yummy fruits that myself and dh eat all the time and cannot believe her refusing them..... toddlers are crackers:-)

cacaboo Fri 13-May-05 20:57:48

I also tried slices of apple / mango / whatever then dipped them in yogurt. To mirror the veggies dipped in houmous we often have. Didn't actually work - DS just licked off the yogurt and spat out the fruit - but I enjoyed eating the rest!

uwila Sat 14-May-05 12:26:50

Oh oh oh... loads of sympathy for you. I have a toddler like this. She is 26 months and has only recently decided that she can drink orange juice. But, she doesn't like it diluted. She does like yogurt. Perhaps you could try yoghurt with some fruit pureed into it?

Oh, yes except for "'nanas". Those are a hit any time. Sometime I just wants to say, "Eat this and LIKE IT". But, she wins on most occassions... okay on all occassions.

cupcakes Sat 14-May-05 12:36:58

My dd eats loads of raisins when they are presented to her in the mini cartons - I think she likes the novelty of it and will gladly munch on them on a trip round the shops rather than asking for a cookie!

saadia Sat 14-May-05 12:57:51

I think it has previously been suggested for children who don't eat fruit that you freeze the juice or the puree to make ice lollies - it worked with a problem eater child they showed on Mum's the Word a while ago.

tiffini Sat 14-May-05 13:10:56

they say a child needs to try new food 27 times before they decide if they like it (it's getting them to try it once that is the hard part)

I leave fruit on a table where they can help themselves, and i dont make a fuss of asking them to try it. I usually find they try new food if i am in another room

Catbert Sat 14-May-05 13:15:26

And just keep offering, offering, offering. This is particularly OK if you and DH like the fruit, so you know it won't go to waste. My DD1 refused satsumas (after a week long binge on them at 18 months) for nearly a year, and then hey presto. Loves them now! Just keep dishing them up and offering as the ONLY choice after meals (I normally only ever offer yoghurt and/or fruit).

Strawberries have always been a winner. A friend of mine served them the other day with a dip made from choc sauce (That lovely belgium thing in a square jar) mixed with a bit of double cream and natural yoghurt - it was great!

Also - I have served several chopped fruits laid out of a plate, and then put in the middle of the table - not in front of DD1. And then just left there as DH and I casually ate pieces of it. After a short time, she couldn't bear it any longer and started saying "Can I have this one here?" and pretty soon, had demolished a whole pile of different things!

And the smoothies into ice lollies trick is superb, esp. if they like frozen yoghurts, ice cream and lollies anyway. Any three or four fruits with apple or orange juice tastes great!

Thomcat Sat 14-May-05 13:20:35

Don't give up, just offer it every day, every meal, she'll like it again. My DD just decided she adores lychees which is great. She would only ever eat banana but now after patiently offering it she'll also eat melon till it's coming out of her ears, apple, pear, peaches, plums, apricots and grapes. That's still it so far but had a breakthrough with lychees so wonder what'll be next?

How about disgusing the fruit under some custard?
Try dried fruit as well.

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