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frog porridge anyone?

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essbee Wed 11-May-05 23:52:13

Message withdrawn

wheresmyfroggy Wed 11-May-05 23:52:54

BigGayDad Wed 11-May-05 23:53:46

Maybe it just uses French oats!!

lou33 Wed 11-May-05 23:57:59


wheresmyfroggy Wed 11-May-05 23:59:04

lou33 Wed 11-May-05 23:59:59

squeezes wmf's hand....

MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 00:01:04

quite like frog stew myself!

wheresmyfroggy Thu 12-May-05 00:01:08

this thread has offended me, gonna flounce now

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 00:01:45

there there wmf, it will be ok

JoolsToo Thu 12-May-05 00:01:45

NOW you know where your froggy is - and its got ginger onions for company!

JoolsToo Thu 12-May-05 00:02:09


MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 00:02:17


wheresmyfroggy Thu 12-May-05 00:02:24

people keep picking on me

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 00:02:43

it won't hurt, you will only feel a little prick...

wheresmyfroggy Thu 12-May-05 00:04:00

keep your little prick away from me

JoolsToo Thu 12-May-05 00:04:08

and me

MarsLady Thu 12-May-05 00:04:19

lol lou! Pardon the pun!

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 00:04:22

shall i get my big one then?

JoolsToo Thu 12-May-05 00:04:51

how did we manage to get from frogs to pricks in 14 posts?!

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 00:05:34

took that long?!

losing my touch....

essbee Thu 12-May-05 00:05:44

Message withdrawn

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 00:06:16

not talking about ex h's tho honey!

essbee Thu 12-May-05 00:07:00

Message withdrawn

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 00:07:30

we can talk baout those if you want

essbee Thu 12-May-05 00:10:03

Message withdrawn

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