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I can't make a cake that rises. Ever. Help.

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PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 11-May-05 22:05:50

I have to make a victoria sponge type thing for an event this Saturday (dh in his wisdom volunteered me ). I've had a practice tonight and it didn't rise at all really, same as the last time I made one, and the time before that, and the time before that......

I don't think I can get away with a shop bought one.

What do you think I'm doing wrong?

rickman Wed 11-May-05 22:07:31

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Wed 11-May-05 22:07:50

Oven not hot enough? Open the oven door to see if cake is done too early? Not using self raising flour? Adding flour with beaters instead of folding it in?

TBH, there could be many reasons. do you recognise any of the above faults?

JoolsToo Wed 11-May-05 22:08:16

get a 34k oven that should do it

pixiefish Wed 11-May-05 22:09:53

Warmt the mixing bowl first. Take the stork marj out of the fridge 30 mins before. You need to really cream the sugar and stork marjarine until it's white almost. Use a hand blender as it kills the arms.

The add the egg ever so slowly- making sure the mix doesn't curdle. Again use a hand mixer for this part.

Sift flour onto mix and fold into the mix fairly quickly- put into greased tins and put in the oven at whatever temp the book says (can't remember sorry and the kitchen is 2 storeys down)

ionesmum Wed 11-May-05 22:10:28

Personally I've never been able to get a cake to rise in a fan oven. Do you have a grill that is also a conventional oven?

jangly Wed 11-May-05 22:10:36

Are you using the all-in-one method. Its failproof. delia

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 22:11:15

You need to follow the recipe to the letter. That's how it works with baking. You need to make sure not to slam the oven door, not to check the cake until the cooking time is finished. Try adding a little bit of baking powder to your cake mix. Maybe 1tsp. See if that helps. But I agree about the temp.

Lonelymum Wed 11-May-05 22:12:09

Agree jangly. Although I am quite a good baker (tho I say it myself!) and was taught to make cakes very early on by my mother, since finding the all in one method, I rarely use anything else.

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 11-May-05 22:13:02

Hehe Jools .

I've tried these cakes at diff temps in my oven - always with the same crap result. Maybe the mixture is getting beaten too much (do it in a mixer).

Carrot cake is a good idea rickman.

I'm not bad at other stuff, but these light fluffy cakes are beyond me!

jangly Wed 11-May-05 22:13:21

Oh, I so want cake!

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 11-May-05 22:14:49

It was that very recipe - supposed to be idiot proof .

Aero Wed 11-May-05 22:15:28

lemon drizzle cake always rises!

Seriously, if your oven isn't hot enough, this can happen. Do you have an oven thermometer - just to check your oven is at the temp it's meant to be?
I'm sure there are other possible reasons too, but the all in one recipe stated before really is fool-proof. If I can do it, anyone can!

Aero Wed 11-May-05 22:17:22

- oops! Must be the oven then!!!!

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 22:19:55

tell DH that you will be providing MarsLady's divine Lemon Drizzle cake and that's that!

snafu Wed 11-May-05 22:20:39

So how come my lemon drizzle cake ended up approx 1 inch high?

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 22:23:45

did you use a tin that was too big snafu?

rickman Wed 11-May-05 22:23:57

Message withdrawn

snafu Wed 11-May-05 22:25:06

No, I just spread the mixture over a baking tray, Mars. Was that wrong?

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 22:26:20

not wrong honey. The bigger the tin the lower the cake iyswim. It only needs to be big enough to make slices. The kids don't need a really deep cake, just a very tasty one. Besides if it's too big it won't store well in the cake tin.

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 22:27:01

oh yeah and I hate you all for making me dream of cake Don't you know I'm trying to get a flat tummy for Saturday??????????

lilibet Wed 11-May-05 22:28:34

Buy one??

snafu Wed 11-May-05 22:28:40

I was joking about the baking tray, hun...

MarsLady Wed 11-May-05 22:33:07


snafu Wed 11-May-05 22:33:24

[lemon drizzle]

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