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slow eater (of veg!)

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joannieL Wed 11-May-05 18:33:44

Hi - my dd (4 year old)takes literally hours to eat if it is something (i.e: vegetables) that she isn't too keen on. She will put peas, carrots, mash etc in her mouth but won't swallow it for a good 20 minutes. So if I want her to eat her healthy stuff, as of course I do, it takes a good hour and a half. She is fine with meat and fish, and of course all unhealthy food - chips, cake, chocolate...Any ideas, or should I just give in and let her leave it on the plate?

zebraX Wed 11-May-05 19:05:07

My children have to eat most of their tea (including the veg) of they don't get any pudding. They are allowed a few items they just don't like (DS doesn't like courgettes, DD doesn't like mushrooms...). No veg, no pudding.

There was a study a while back that said this was the wrong approach, as soon as my children grow up they will eschew any veg and only eat wonderfully exciting treats. I'm fostering a distorted relationship between food & my child -- according to that study.

I don't believe it will work out like that, but gives you some stuff to think about.

joannieL Wed 11-May-05 19:49:30

I've tried that, but she still takes ages - if I threaten (oh dear) with no pudding she assures me she is eating up, which she is in theory.
Pudding is eaten quickly enough though!

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