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170 degrees on ordinary electric oven - what do I reduce it to for my fan oven?

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PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 11-May-05 16:39:42

I'm doing a cake, and I can't remember what you reduce it to and it doesn't say on the recipe.

Mud Wed 11-May-05 16:40:23


I normally knock off 10

MrsWednesday Wed 11-May-05 16:47:53

I usually knock off 20 but have no proof as to why this is right, so please don't take my word for it. I'd feel really guilty if you got food poisoning.

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 11-May-05 17:52:15

Thanks, I've gone for 10, and keeping an eye on it!

happymerryberries Wed 11-May-05 17:58:31

I usually kmock off 10

hub2dee Wed 11-May-05 18:13:07

Also reduce cooking time as the fan cooks more efficiently.

Do you like my apron ?

WigWamBam Wed 11-May-05 18:15:50

Very fetching.

I usually reduce by 10 degrees and shorten the cooking time by 5 minutes.

SoupDragon Wed 11-May-05 18:16:13

I cook everything at 160 "until it's done".

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