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Breadmakers - sell me the concept please...

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MrsSeanBean Mon 15-Jun-09 08:39:55

As important as the product asself, is my need to be convinced that I can be organised enough to be responsible for making my own bread (having correct ingredients/ switching on at right time etc).

Actual product recommendations welcome as well though!

MrsSeanBean Mon 15-Jun-09 08:40:27

asself???! itself

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 08:48:24

You can have mine! I'll sell it to you. You try it out get, it out of your system then pass it on smile

Starbear Mon 15-Jun-09 08:49:05

Not awake yet hope you get my drift!

pesme Mon 15-Jun-09 08:50:27

you buy an big block of an appliance, you excitedly make bread for a few weeks, then one day to attempt to make bread with walnuts in it - it is leaden and inedible. you enthusiasm fades and apart from a few flirtations with foccacia you never use it again.

rookiemater Mon 15-Jun-09 08:50:43

I love my breadmaker.

I'm a fairly lazy cook and have dozens of unused gadgets in the kitchen, George Foreman Grill or Popcorn maker anybody ?, but provided you have the ingredients to hand you can put together a loaf within minutes and then programme it to be ready in the morning so you get wafts of fresh bread when you wake up.

AnguaVonUberwald Mon 15-Jun-09 08:55:27

I love my morphy richards - the book I bought - fresh bread in the morning from your breadmaker by Annette ... also really helps as the basic bread is just flour water salt and yeast, so takes about two minutes to make!

We now takes sandwiches to work everyday, which saves us a fortune.

BlueChampagne Mon 15-Jun-09 12:59:02

I have a Panasonic 255 which has run about 5 times a week for the last 11 months. One DC (another on the way), one DH and working full time.

Buy big bags of flour, and stop yourself buying bread so you have to use it. It only takes 5 min to set up a loaf, and this model has a timer so you can programme it the night before and have fresh bread for breakfast.

If you don't get a model you like, you won't use it.

zanz1bar Mon 15-Jun-09 19:30:41

If you want to make bread, save yourself the money and try the ....New york times no-knead bread...on youtube.

Sorry but everytime i try to do a link it fails, unlike this bread which is fail safe and sooooooo easy and soooooo dam good.

Make dough, leave for 18-24 hours and then cook. Hands free and better than any bread machine, cheaper and no white plastic lumps on the work surface.

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