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I thought you could freeze double cream...

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LightShinesInTheDarkness Sun 14-Jun-09 12:45:19

well, you can freeze it, obviously. But now its de-frosted it is kind of 'gritty'.

Anyone else done this?

Do I have to throw it away, I was wondering about using it to make ice-cream (I have an ice-cream machine thingy)

moaningminnie2020 Sun 14-Jun-09 15:40:35

AFAIK you can freeze it as long as you've whipped it first. No idea about the ice cream sorry, Ben and Jerry makes ours grin

trixymalixy Sun 14-Jun-09 15:49:40

You have to whip it first. i don't see how making it into ice cream would make it less gritty? You could try, if the only other option is chucking it, although would it not be a health risk as you are refreezing it?

LightShinesInTheDarkness Sun 14-Jun-09 16:45:28

oh, trixy - had not thought of that re-freeze thing. Down the sink it goes. What a waste.

MamaHobgoblin Sun 14-Jun-09 21:57:51

Double cream isn't great for making ice cream - try whipping cream (don't whip it!) - it works far better but I can't remember why.

Can you not make a horribly fattening, yummy pasta sauce (or summink) with the double cream, to avoid wastage?

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