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virgin olive oil - is this essential?

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Pan Sat 13-Jun-09 12:52:01

i ask as I can't tell the difference between 'virgin', and 'been round a bit' olive oil.......

I make vinagrettes and other dressings and fry with the oo, but can't say I taste the difference, despite 'first pressing' and all.

any foodies out there who knows about this sort of thing??

smurfgirl Sat 13-Jun-09 14:23:03

I heard that virgin olive oil has more flavour and so is better for dressings etc where the taste of the olive oil is part of it, but any old olive oil will do for frying and cooking with.

I am not a foodie though!!

SomeGuy Sat 13-Jun-09 15:48:05

I wouldn't mind buying the regular stuff but it doesn't seem substantially cheaper, so I don't bother.

KidCreolesCoconut Sat 13-Jun-09 15:48:27

God no
i cant taste any diffo

all a con pan

KidCreolesCoconut Sat 13-Jun-09 15:49:01

adn for shallow non Itie style cooking I yse veg obv

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