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jenhden Fri 12-Jun-09 15:43:46

i get my dd's a happy meal as a treat sometimes and have believed the statements they put out about quality meat, but my friend just told me that the main competitors for dog and cat food beef is mcdonalds! is this true?

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:45:09

Message withdrawn

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 12-Jun-09 15:46:38

What do you mean the manin competitors?

Do you mean that the byproducts of the process used to produce the meat used by McDonalds are used in pet food?

And that is a problem because?

Ivykaty44 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:47:04

They have a lorry turn up and pump the slush in to make the burgers - sorry but what o you think if the burgers etc are all so cheap?

Have you ever smelt the place as you drive past - it is disgusting.

Can't you get them something else as a treat sad Fruit shoot and a greegs sausage rool smile

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 12-Jun-09 15:47:39

main not manin wtf is manin

Ivykaty44 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:52:25

I think it is called slurry not meat? Not sure

jenhden Fri 12-Jun-09 15:53:27

sorry for not being clear - my friend meant that when the low quality meat goes on sale the animal food companies get in bidding wars with macdonalds - but thet say its all 100% premium quality.

thanks ivykaty44 i'll get them something else!

Ivykaty44 Fri 12-Jun-09 15:57:08

jen - if you must get the a for the dc miccyd then at least take your own sandwhiches so you don't have to eat slurry wink

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 16:00:30

Message withdrawn

southeastastra Fri 12-Jun-09 16:08:21

but so tasty grin

ihavenewsockson Fri 12-Jun-09 16:08:32

ok i just googled meat slurry & mechanically recovered meat.

thats so gross.

is it true or is it veggie propaganda?

ihavenewsockson Fri 12-Jun-09 16:08:50

forgot my wink

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 16:12:38

Message withdrawn

Heated Fri 12-Jun-09 16:14:50

Dunno, but pet-food manufacturers have food-tasters - pass the Chum anyone?

ihavenewsockson Fri 12-Jun-09 16:16:16

oh riven- boak! that spinal cord bit too! i so shouldn't google or wiki these things.

DH & DS had mcds for lunch today.

Ivykaty44 Fri 12-Jun-09 16:18:25

new socks - I am no veggie (i was when I couldn't afford good meat) would you rather a good piece of rump, sirloin or ribeye or a mcddiddles burger?

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 16:18:51

Message withdrawn

ihavenewsockson Fri 12-Jun-09 16:32:12

i get all our meat from the butchers so the maccyds was a one off.

i would like to eat more veggie meals tho just from a cost point of view.

i only go to our butchers because they are v. reasonable and the meat is good quality.i'm happy to make cutbacks in other areas so we eat proper meat.

i am shocked about their burgers tho. i've never heard that before.

sarah293 Fri 12-Jun-09 16:34:12

Message withdrawn

HeadFairy Fri 12-Jun-09 16:34:40

Make your own burgers, sooooo much nicer and cheaper in the long run (make extras and freeze)

StirlingTheStrong Fri 12-Jun-09 17:55:09

I think you are wong!

My friends' husband works for a beef distributor nearby and he says that Macdonalds are one of their biggest customers and they buy THE BEST beef they can.

Just want to say I do not work for them and very rarely visit but dont want everyone believing the hype smile

LadyOfWaffle Fri 12-Jun-09 18:00:52

Hmm... thing is, it sounds gross but for example, if we found out they used eyeballs in it we would all freak out, but there are people who eat eyeballs like normal food. It's not unhygenic/chemicals or whatever, it's just parts that make us feel ikky. It's obviously edible and tastes nice grin, so apart from the 'urrr, it's weirdy body parts' bit I cannot see the problem.

ellingwoman Fri 12-Jun-09 18:02:16

But dog food smells revolting and McDs are lovely so I refuse to believe you shock

SoupDragon Fri 12-Jun-09 18:02:53

I really don't think such a big corporation would boast about using "Quality Meat" when they are, in fact, using dog food. I would lay money on it being an urban myth.

Ivykaty44 Fri 12-Jun-09 18:03:57

try watching super size me - a film about a man who eat mc donalds for one month and the effect it had on his health

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