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Ideas for my lunch when Im at work

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tammybear Tue 10-May-05 22:17:26

At the moment, all I have is tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches, or I go to Sainsburys or McDonalds to eat, which I want to stop doing as I dont wanna spend the money really.

So could you give me a few ideas please? If I did jacket potatoes, and cooked it the night before, would I be able to just heat it up in the microwave the next day? Sorry might seem like a daft question lol.

Blossomhill Tue 10-May-05 22:20:24

Not sure, may taste a bit cardboardy.
How about pasta salad or rice?

tammybear Tue 10-May-05 23:20:38

thats what i was afraid of. i did think of something with pasta or rice, but dont really know what to do except the stir in sauces i usually use, but getting a bit sick of them now.

no pleasing me lol

colditz Tue 10-May-05 23:34:41

Dead easy, this....

Cooked chicken

Jumble it all up together once all the bits that need cooking are cooked!

colditz Tue 10-May-05 23:35:54

Leftover dinner from the night before? Always looks good when you're hungry!

Tipex Wed 11-May-05 20:23:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dizzydo Thu 12-May-05 12:50:02

night before
in a tupperware box chuck in shredded lettuce, leaves etc., cherry tomatoes, cucumber avacado then add chopped chicken, or left over roast meat or prawns then top whole lot with shaved parmaesan and pine nuts (can leave out meat or fish if you want) and perhaps a bit of pizza express dressing (not too much or it goes slimy - divine. I have that nearly every day.

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