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what would you do?

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misshardbroom Wed 10-Jun-09 13:06:51

I have a governors' meeting this evening so dinner will actually be a pizza hastily thrown into the oven and then at the DCs.

So in an attempt to feed my children a proper meal at some point today (well the preschool ones, anyway), I made DS1 & DS2 a lunch of mashed potato, ham and peas.

DS1 ate it no problem. DS2 (he's 3, btw) ate his ham and 3 peas, and pronounced himself 'winished'.

I've been round this block often enough to know not to get wound up with him, so I stayed calm, gave him a while longer to change his mind, and then cleared it away.

I do believe quite strongly that he should not then be offered alternatives. But... it's quite a long time from 12.30 until we get home with DD at 3.30 and it's snack time (which will be houmous and breadsticks).

So what would you do? Would you make him subsist on 2 bits of ham and 3 peas until after school, or let enough time elapse and slip him some bread and butter?

Do you stick with your principles even if that means a moaning hungry 3 year old all the way to school and back?

VinegarTits Wed 10-Jun-09 13:09:15

I would give him some fruit to keep him going

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