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Chicken stir fry ideas for dieting crap cook!

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Dahlia Tue 10-May-05 14:56:57

Can anyone help? It needs to be something easy, very low fat, and tasty. We like virtually anything so it doesn't matter what's in it apart from the chicken. TIA

Dahlia Tue 10-May-05 15:56:36


sweetmonkey Tue 10-May-05 15:58:19

you can buy pre packed veg to stir fry and then maybe add some noodles. have you ever been to nandos?
sainsburys do nandos marinade which you could put on the chicken to give it a bit of zing!!!

ediemcreedie Tue 10-May-05 16:01:14

Fry the chicken with garlic, ginger and then add lightly steamed brocoli in florets, red pepper strips and coriander.

Then splash a tiny bit of water over to make a weak sauce( it will deglaze the pan) and lots of soy.

ediemcreedie Tue 10-May-05 16:02:50

Oh and some tabasco or chopped chilli ( take the seeds out) is nice too.

This also works for huge prawns.

Dahlia Tue 10-May-05 20:05:49

Thanks! Will try that, sounds yummy.

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