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rice for 8 month old

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scottishmumto1 Tue 10-May-05 12:46:06

i am wondering how to make rice to mix in with puree pear. do i use normal milk, or her formula milk. any tips would be very appreciated.

kama Tue 10-May-05 12:51:37

Message withdrawn

kama Tue 10-May-05 12:52:14

Message withdrawn

LIZS Tue 10-May-05 13:16:55

Think you could use either but if it is the first time she's had it best stick to what she is used to.

darlingbud Tue 10-May-05 13:19:36

use baby rice with her formula milk. Best to stay clear of full fat milk till 12 months old.

moondog Tue 10-May-05 13:21:59

Eh??? I've been using full fat regular milk in ds's food since she was about 7 mths with no problems. Also been eating tonnes of plain yoghurt (not the rip off,costanarmandaleg 'baby' ones)since then.
Completely b/fed until then.

hermykne Tue 10-May-05 13:24:58

if its puding rice that u are baking,u can used cows milk or soya milk , my ds is 9mths and gets it, and he normally cant take either in its raw state.

Prufrock Tue 10-May-05 14:00:37

I'm sorry kama and darlingbud but that is wrong - from 6 months cows milk is perfectly OK to be given in food. You should only exercise caution if there is a history of dairy allergies.

Having said that, if you are formula feeding I would probably use formula if it was convienient (ie, wouldn't bothe to make it up specially but would use a it of a regular bottle) If it's baby rice, you can just mix in at room tempertaure, if pudding rice, cook for time on packet.

Adn tbh, at 8 months I wouldn't bother giving baby rice- it tastes like wallpaper paste. If you want to make fruit purees more substantial you could just mix with unsweetened natural yogurt

kama Tue 10-May-05 23:27:56

Message withdrawn

zebraX Tue 10-May-05 23:45:45

The link to Type I diabetes is hugely controversial, IIRC, the AAP say there is a link between early ingestion of cow's milk and developing Type I diabetes, the Juvenile Diabetes Assoc. of America (or whatever they have renamed themselves to) say that there isn't a link. There is a massive 5-year study going on ( Canada among native peoples, but I think it's an international study) to try to get a more definitive answer.

Giving formula milk (based on cow's milk) would be just as bad as simple cow's milk, I thought, if you do think the link exists.

Prufrock Wed 11-May-05 14:03:57

NOt giving cows milk for a drink is not because cows milk will harm a baby, but because it doesn't supply all that the baby needs - formula is cows milk based with added ingredients to make it as close as possible to breast milk.

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