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Anyone clever with food combinations/throwing together recipes?

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TigersChick Mon 08-Jun-09 16:06:35

I've got a vauge idea of cooking chicken (boned thighs) with peppers and rice, possibly in a white wine sauce ... but have no idea if it would work!

Was sort of thinking of cooking the rice; frying the chicken in a little oil, adding the peppers and then combining it all ... sounds bland tho ...?

Any help would be very gratefully received smile

sarah293 Mon 08-Jun-09 16:10:34

Message withdrawn

TigersChick Mon 08-Jun-09 16:14:10

Thanks <<phew>>

Would mixed Italian herbs work?
Bit of a pleb - only have basic herbs; all dried ones...

TigersChick Mon 08-Jun-09 16:14:51

I could cook the rice in stock - would that help do you think?

muffle Mon 08-Jun-09 16:19:19

I think I would do the rice separately -

fry chicken pieces to brown
fry onions, add herbs, peppers and white wine, add chicken, seasoning maybe a bit of stock powder, cook through with lid on.
Then do rice and spoon the chicken and sauce stuff on top.

Or you could do the same but add a tin of tomatoes to the chicken (maybe with red wine), and cook it in the oven in a casserole for an hour or so - then serve on the rice. that would be nice.

SuperWasher Mon 08-Jun-09 16:19:48

Do you have onions? That will add flavour too. Mixed herbs should be fine.

Ooh or garlic...I've done that before. Brown thighs in a pan with garlic and peppers then add glass of wine and seasoning. Sometimes I leave it like that, othertimes add in a can of tomatoes.

TigersChick Mon 08-Jun-09 16:24:33

Ooh - both sound good!

Think I'll do muffle's first suggestion for tonight but keep the other in mind for future reference.

Thank you so much everyone smile

TigersChick Mon 08-Jun-09 16:24:48


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