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Sainsbury's feed your family for a fiver tuna cannelloni

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misshardbroom Sat 06-Jun-09 17:29:55

Has anyone tried this?

Would link to it but it seems to have been taken off their website now.

Anyway, my SIL wrote the recipe down for me but I think it looks questionable... any experience of it?

mieowcat Sun 07-Jun-09 17:06:04

we tried this only this week, it is fairly yuk unless you LOVE spinach, we felt there was not enough tuna but way too much spinach.
the tomato and canneloni etc is nice though. oour DD 16 mo, ate a bit of it. i would rrecommend adding extra tuna in it.
hope that helps?!

misshardbroom Sun 07-Jun-09 19:22:07

yes, it is very helpful. It was the excessive quantity of spinach that spooked me a bit!

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