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Thanks Mumsnet for helping dd be a good healthy eater

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JiminyCricket Mon 09-May-05 10:56:57

I got tons of advice from this forum in the early days, and ended up being quite full on about wanting to make good home cooked meals and have dd try lots of different foods and not just eat 'kiddie meals'. Well, just this weekend noticed that at 20 months she tucks in quite happily to 1. Fish pie and carrots (asking for 'more carrots' repeatedly 2. Beef Bouginon with rice and broccoli 3. Cheesy tomato lentil bake..well there's plenty more...she's also a fruit addict and one of her more hopeful requests for snacks is usually 'nana?' or 'apple?'(by which she means orange, for some reason). Hope this doesn't sound too smug, I'm just really chuffed that she's willing to try so many things and wanted to share how much the advice on here had helped

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 09-May-05 11:00:36

Isn't that great - tbh, I think the feeling for us parents is one of relief rather than smugness, if our little ones are willing to eat a varied, healthy diet.

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