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Turkey steak / fillets - I need inspiration!

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likessleep Thu 04-Jun-09 17:21:49

They've been sat in freezer for yonks and need eating.
Any ideas as to how I can jazz them up please? DH can't eat tomatoes.
Thank you!

ByTheSea Thu 04-Jun-09 17:32:42

They are lovely if you pound them, dredge them in a bit of seasoned flour and shallow fry in 1-2 tbsp olive oil for a couple of minutes on each side.

For a sauce after you have done this, if you have the following incredients, my family love this one.

1 cup chicken stock
sliced mushrooms
1 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp creme fraiche (lowfat is fine)

After frying the turkey breast steaks/fillets as above, remove them and keep warm. Add mushrooms and saute for a few minutes in the same oil and then add 3/4 cup chicken stock. Let cook for another couple of minutes while dissolving cornflour in remaining stock. Add remaining stock and cornflour and stir til thickened. Remove from heat and add creme fraiche and parsley. Stir to combine and serve with turkey.

I tend to serve this with some lightly buttered tagliatelle (delicious with this sauce) and fresh steamed green or runner beans.

likessleep Thu 04-Jun-09 17:34:59

thanks bythesea, they sound lovely! i don't have creme fraiche, but do have yoghurt and a spoon or two of double cream left. what do you think would work better?
cheers for posting

ByTheSea Thu 04-Jun-09 17:36:42

I think that would work fine. I might mix a little of both. Anything that'll add that stroganoff-ey taste should do.

shootfromthehip Thu 04-Jun-09 17:36:57

double cream methinks!

likessleep Thu 04-Jun-09 17:42:53

excellent, thank you.
let's hope it's reheatable for my toddler tomorrow!
thanks for posting

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