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Gluten free veggie recipe...

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Catz Wed 03-Jun-09 17:15:28

I'd be really grateful for any ideas of what I could cook for a friend. She's just had a baby so I said I'd cook something for her to have tomorrow night and take it round when I go to visit them tomorrow morning. I'm going to make it tonight so I was thinking of something they could just stick straight in the oven tomorrow. They are veggies and she has to have gluten free.

Would be grateful for any ideas.

SuperBunny Sun 07-Jun-09 00:25:46

Quinoa with roasted veg
Frittata if they eat eggs
Veggie Shepherd's Pie
Ragout & gluten-free pasta
Aubergine lasagne (where you use aubergine instead of pasta)

There are lots of gluten free websites with recipes

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