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My turn for money off! And yours too! Graze box...

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Bumperlicioso Tue 02-Jun-09 22:33:26

I ordered my first Graze box and got it today. I haven't started it yet, I'm saving it for tomorrow but I have yummy fresh pineapple, goji berry salad and dried cranberries - yum!

If you want to give it a try got to the link above and put in this code: HVG7H52G and get your first box free and second half price, and I get £1 off. Boxes are normally £2.99 including delivery.

Enjoy! I know I will!

Nezzi Wed 03-Jun-09 17:29:53

Thanks for the link, just ordered my free box too!

Bumperlicioso Wed 03-Jun-09 20:38:32

Thank you! I've got a £1 off voucher now. Enjoy

Bumperlicioso Sun 07-Jun-09 15:25:12

Bumpity bump!

TrillianAstra Sun 07-Jun-09 19:40:49

Okay Bumpers - I will order some and give you a discount if you join TopCashBack (you use it to go to lots of shops online and you get money back whe you buy stuff eg 12% at La Senza or 8% at White Stuff: it doesn't cost anything and they send the money to your bank account) with my link.

Bumperlicioso Mon 08-Jun-09 19:10:52

Done Trillian!

TrillianAstra Tue 09-Jun-09 11:45:43

Cool! I had signed up for some goodies already, hope it has worked.

shinyshoes Tue 09-Jun-09 14:32:35

Another vote for the Graze box. I order mine to come fortnightly and the fruit is absolutely divine. I had Cajun seed mix in mine on saturday and they were truly scrupmtious wink

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