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If you wanted to make cakes for school fair that people actually want to buy what would you make?

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OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 02-Jun-09 22:21:38

As the title really! I like baking - am time poor but can swing round shop briefly. Not terribly talented.

Large cakes cost more to make and never get their value in ingredients.

Too many sad fairy cakes on stall (usually including mine)

So what please?

BEAUTlFUL Tue 02-Jun-09 22:24:26

Lemon drizzle. Definitely. Every time.

wrinklytum Tue 02-Jun-09 22:24:34


twoluvlykids Tue 02-Jun-09 22:25:59




slightlyonedgemum Tue 02-Jun-09 22:27:23

Chocolate refridgerator cake - very simple, add more digestives and raisins, less cherries to make it cheaper. Also very quick!

My other 'quick and all DS's son's love it' cake is chocolate brownie cake. Takes about 30 mins and only 5 of doing anything!

ridingjoker Tue 02-Jun-09 22:27:52

tray bakes
i.e malteser cake, millionaire shortbread

Lilymaid Tue 02-Jun-09 22:29:42

Easy cupcakes - using a victoria sponge cake mixture in muffin cases. Buttercream icing and a few sprinkles - look far more flashy than most fairy cakes and you can charge much more for them. For the same amount of mix as you would use for a smallish sponge cake which would be sliced up you can get one dozen cup cakes which will make twice as much cash.

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 02-Jun-09 22:32:12

brownies - I'm good at them

I did think flapjacks but mine never look saleable.

Shortbread I'm rubbish.

Lemon drizzle - can I make mini ones? I'm running a flipping 'afternoon tea/plant sale' thing on saturday. (which I now sinkingly remember needs cakes for) i suppose I could do slices. Oh blimey I should be concentrating on that rather than school fair. I'm losing my grip, I really am!

Muffins I like but they'd have to be big fluffy ones.....

Arrrgh, I don't know why I care cos I actually do have saturdays thingy. I'm clearly starting to do displacement activities.

/and breathe.

Thank you

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 02-Jun-09 22:36:04

and it took me so long to panic theres more lovely ideas! Thank you everybody

I think I may return to the thread when I'm not having a mini-breakdown and can actually make reasonable decisions!

Cup cakes for school
Lemon drizzle and scones with jam for afternoon tea/plant sale (others making cakes too)
Chocolate fridge cake for me to eat under duvet after its all finished!

Bramshott Tue 02-Jun-09 22:36:13

I always do butter shortbread (just flour, butter & sugar) - usually cut into hearts which seems to go down well. My DDs always want the really overloaded fairy cakes though grin.

charlieandlola Tue 02-Jun-09 22:36:40

Rocky Road - raisins, cornflakes and marshmallows in butter and melted choc.
Either a tray bake or in cup cakes.
Yum .

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 02-Jun-09 22:36:53

Never made a tray bake - will tackle you on it tomorrow

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 02-Jun-09 22:37:35

you are all so fab

So who is going to tell me what to do?

ridingjoker Tue 02-Jun-09 22:38:24

try bake is easy. throw everything in bowl. smush together. squish on try. stick in fridge and voila. your done.

super easy and takes under 10 mins from opening ingredients to sticking in fridge. kids can do it for you too

glucose Tue 02-Jun-09 22:42:37

get hold of a copy of 'mary berry's ultimate cake book'
it has a section on cakes for fetes
follow all her instructions to the letter and you will not fail
she does tray bakes & lemon drizzle

ridingjoker Tue 02-Jun-09 22:43:55

malteser traybake

100 g unsalted butter
200 g milk chocolate
3 tablespoons golden syrup
225 g digestive biscuits, finely crushed
225 g Maltesers


1line a 8x8 square tin, or smaller, (your cake will be thicker thats all.)with cling, foil or baking parchment.

2Finely crush the biscuits.

3Place butter,syrup and chocolate in a pan and melt over a low heat, you may want to take it off the heat before the chocolate completely melts so the mixture doesn't get too hot for the maltesers later.

4Add the crushed biscuits and mix together well.

5Work quickly now and pour the mixture into the tin, smoothing out to make it an even thickness.

6Place the maltesers all over the top and press into the mix.

7Leave to cool before chilling and slicing.

8It also looks lovely if you drizzle melted white chocolate over the top.

slightlyonedgemum Tue 02-Jun-09 22:48:19 this says it takes longer than it takes me as I put them in a flat dish and make square ones instead of one cake.

Can't find the refridgerator cake one-it's Annabelle Karmel and is basically melted chocolate (I mix dark and milk), with a bit of butter and golden syrup added, all melted together then mixed with broken digestives, raisins and cherries, put in a 'swiss roll tin' then left in the fridge. Do line the tin with cling film though or it's difficult/impossible to get out!

Bramshott Tue 02-Jun-09 22:48:34

We're not going to tell you what to do!!

But I really would advise doing something and then it becoming your "thing", and then you don't even have to think about it grin! I always do shortbread hearts, so I don't have to think, and everyone else knows that's what I do so the PTA are expecting them.

Rachmumoftwo Tue 02-Jun-09 22:56:07

As long as you put sweets on them, the kids will buy them!

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 03-Jun-09 11:40:43

thanks everyone - feeling balanced again lol!

I'm going to do brownies with smarties on each one for school. lemon drizzle and scones for sale.

Malteser recipe looks great for dd to make for me bit worried that if we have fair outside they would end up sad and melty.

BonsoirAnna Wed 03-Jun-09 11:42:33

Carrot cake cupcakes.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 03-Jun-09 11:49:54

lol BonsoirAnna very tasty, I'll save that idea for future consumption. I have a plan and a shopping list now!

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