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I don't think I eat in an organised enough fashion and I don't know quite why, and I am getting a big arse and need to change something - any advice?

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AnarchyAunt Tue 02-Jun-09 21:47:15

I have always been slim - size 8-10 and about 5 ft 7. Didn't put on much weight when PG, lost it when BF, DD now 6 and over the last year I have started to put on weight - mainly since Christmas though I think. No scales in this house but I reckon a stone or so - enough that I have a distinct muffin top when naked and can't get into some of last summer's clothes. I gave up smoking last summer after 10 years and suspect that may have contributed.

I am sort of veggie - I do eat fish on occasion (maybe twice a month?) but no meat for the last 20 years. We only have wholemeal bread, but pasta/rice are 50/50 white and wholemeal. Loads of veg, though not so much fruit. I think fundamentally I eat good food - certainly enjoy cooking - but probably too much fat. I love cheese and olive oil and salad dressing [mmmm]. I crave carbs, fat, and salt and when I eat I can't really stop until I am full to bursting. Generally I only eat one 'meal' a day (evening usually) but will have 2 or even 3 helpings.

I don't eat breakfast. I suspect this may be part of the problem? But I just don't feel like food in the morning, and when I do have some I just get ravenous a couple of hours later anyway. I get really hungry in the evenings - right now I want a big bowl of salty buttery popcorn. Have been wondering if a vitamin/mineral deficiancy might be an issue maybe? Are there any that make you crave crap food and salt at strange times?

cyanarasamba Tue 02-Jun-09 21:55:20

I would go for a multi-pronged approach here:

- Find some healthy mid-morning snacks/lunches that work for you
- Try to reduce the fats and increase other proteins including fish and pulses (maybe you are not getting enough protein?)
- Portion control in your main meal - carb serving should be no bigger than your fist I believe
- Makes sure you are drinking enough water - sometimes food cravings can just be thirst

Good luck!

EvenBetaDad Tue 02-Jun-09 22:18:51

AnarchyAunt - I think you might notice a big difference if you flipped your day round.

Breakfast: Slow release carbs like muesli and fresh fruit. Alternatively, some eggs (I assume you do eat eggs) on a little toast. Eat plenty.

Mid morning: A piece of fruit or smoothee to stop the hunger pangs.

Lunch: A good meal with plenty of protein as I wondered if it is protein you are craving. A lot less carbs and cut out most of the dressings and some of the cheese. Plenty of vegetables and salad.

Dinner: Minimal eating, just a litle light food like eggs, fruit, nuts. Little or no carbs or fat. Your body does not need a lot of food just before it goes to sleep. If you eat a lot less at night you will feel more like eating breakfast.

I follow the above meal plan and also recently cut out all bread and most biscuits/cakes and and milk and cheese and went Gluten Free and Lactose Free and I have lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks and do not feel hungry and have not been trying to diet.

I agree with you on vitamins, take a good supplement. Also drink plenty of water as cyanarasamba says.

Finally, I would say cut right down on coffee as the coffee causes a sugar rush (which gives you a high) and then it crashes making you feel instantly hungry and then snack.

fishie Tue 02-Jun-09 22:23:29


AnarchyAunt Wed 03-Jun-09 07:38:51

Protein says everyone! Hmmm yes could well be because I don't eat eggs (on their own - I do eat them in things), hardly ever fish, pulses maybe three times a week.

EvenBetaDad - this is what I think, I eat too much in the evenings and its all skewed.
I am about to worry a bowl of yoghurt and fruit down - am working up to the slow-release carbs for breakfast as there is just no way I could eat anything like that now. I have never eaten breakfast consistently, even when PG I had to force myself to eat something in the morning and it was a struggle. Hopefully that will change as I get more used to eating less at night.

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