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DS1 had his first filling today. I need ideas for practical, tooth-friendly, post-school snacks!

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scampadoodle Tue 02-Jun-09 19:38:01

He is 7 & it was a milk tooth thankfully but a lecture from the dentist made me realise I need to re-think my snack strategy. The problem is, everything that's good for them nutritionally is bad for their teeth (she said they shouldn't have breakfast cereal even though they brush their teeth afterwards! cereal not good nutritionally tho, obviously) My 2 are always starving when I pick them up from school & I always take them smoothies, cereal bar, cheesestring (DS1), raisins (DS2). Out of that lot the dentist only allows one, the cheesestring. She suggested pitta bread & humous & carrot sticks but it's a bit of a palaver carting that around & then having to make tea when I get home as well.

Any good mothers ( grin ) out there with ideas?

bigchris Tue 02-Jun-09 19:40:34

sorry to be obvious but waht about an apple?

silverfrog Tue 02-Jun-09 19:41:31

standard fruit - apple/banana/pear?

I know it still has sugars in, but not as bad as smoothies,and doesn't stick to teeth like raisins/dried fruit.

a sandwich each (peanut butter or similar - takes 2 seconds to make, and reasonably tooth friendly as long as the peanut butter is no added sugar kind)

scampadoodle Tue 02-Jun-09 20:10:01

They wouldn't be satisfied with just an apple, bigchris. They grab my bag to get at the food like famished hyenas when I pick them up.

I agree re peanut butter sandwich although now that cereals are apparently verboten hmm that's what they'll be having for breakfast (they often have that in the mornings anyway) & can you have too much peanut butter? I love it myself but I'm sure there will come a day when that's found to be bad too...

Half of me thinks "yes, I'll change their diet" (a diet that's fairly good BTW) & the other half thinks "yet another fecking stick with which to beat parents"

silverfrog Tue 02-Jun-09 20:13:26

all cereals are bad?

what, really?

even weetabix/shredded wheat?

or did the dentist mean it doesn't matter what you eat, if you brush teeth straight after eating you'll do some damage (think you're meant to wait 30 mins or so iirc)

if a smoothie, cereal bar and raisins fills them up, then an apple and a banana should too, imo.

but do agree on the another stick to beat parents with bit too.

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